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The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships
by Abraham, and Esther & Jerry Hicks

Uncovers a myriad of false premises that are at the heart of every uncomfortable relationship issue, and guides you to a clear understanding of the powerful creative Vortex that has already assembled the relationships you have wanted.

The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide
by Abraham, and Esther & Jerry Hicks

Understand the deeper power of emotions. Instead of the out-of-control, knee-jerk reactions that most people have to their ever-changing life experience, emotions can serve as information about your deepest guidance.

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires
by Abraham, and Esther & Jerry Hicks

Includes advice on working with energy and emotions as well as increasing prosperity, reclaiming health, working with meditation, and using the "Law of Attraction" and the "Art of Receiving."

The Purpose of Your Life: Finding Your Place in the World Using Synchronicity and Intuition
by Carol Adrienne

Learn how to find your place in the world from many stories of successful people who have found theirs. Packed with in-depth self-assessment tools, this book shows how to align with your soul's purpose.

When Life Changes or You Wish It Would: A Guide to Finding Your Next Step Despite Fear, Obstacles or Confusion
by Carol Adrienne

For anyone who isn't happy with the status quo and wants to take life to the next level. Change can be exhilarating and terrifying—often both at the same time. Carol Adrienne has helped thousands pursue their heart's desire.

Find Your Purpose Change Your Life: Getting to the Heart of Your Life's Mission
by Carol Adrienne

The experiential guide workbook companion to The Purpose of Your Life. For those who've been enchanted by the power of synchronicity and are ready to be taken further down the path.

The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide
by James Redfield and Carol Adrienne

Put into practice the nine principles taught in the original novel, The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield, with the exciting knowledge contained in this profound workbook.

The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision: An Experiential Guide
by James Redfield and Carol Adrienne

Change your life with this consciousness-expanding guide to visualizing a different future. Includes material from Penney Peirce's future trends lectures.

Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation
by Richard Bartlett, D.C, N.D

Provides an easily-reproducible, results-oriented process of change that draws on the fundamental principles embraced by the field of quantum physics. This paradigm-busting book can teach anyone how to access their creative power to heal and transform their lives.

The Physics of Miracles: Tapping in to the Field of Consciousness Potential
by Richard Bartlett, D.C, N.D

Based on the theories of quantum and scalar physics, the strength of Bartlett's revolutionary consciousness technology and why he's one of the most well respected teachers in modern energy medicine is that you don't have to understand the actual science to put it to use.

Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul's Potential
by Michael Bernard Beckwith

Michael Beckwith teaches that inner spiritual work, not religiosity or dogma, liberates us. He draws on a wide spectrum of ancient wisdom teachers to modern day spiritual leaders to create a profound new belief synthesis.

Spiritual Liberation (DVD)
by Michael Bernard Beckwith

Michael Bernard Beckwith's inspiring teachings have been empowering spiritual seekers for more than two decades. Now, in the film Spiritual Liberation, you can take an intimate walk with the founder and director of Agape International Spiritual Center and witness how he lives his own teachings.

Write Starts: Prompts, Quotes, and Exercises to Jumpstart Your Creativity
by Hal Zina Bennett

Here, Hal Zina Bennett gives us a fabulous, simple, engrossing, entertaining, and above all, useful way of finding and freeing our inner rhythms and spirit. Use it to become a better writer — or a more alert and vital human being. Ideas, tricks, humor, and hard-won wisdom from an old pro.

The Presence Process: A Healing Journey into Present Moment Awareness
by Michael Brown

Brown defines our identity as pure Presence and asserts that pain and dysfunction are merely illusions born of time and mind. Acknowledging the convincing (if illusory) tyranny of mind and time, however, this book promotes conscious integration of the unconscious phenomena that distract us from our true nature.

Alchemy of the Heart
by Michael Brown

Brown asks us to become conscious of the ways we were imprinted and how these imprints drive our behavior. Our guide in achieving this is the heart and the language of felt-perception. Through this language, the heart enables us to re-parent ourselves and frees us to love unconditionally.

Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living your Dreams
by Mike Dooley

In both a profound and playful investigation into the mysteries of the universe, Mike Dooley affirms that there is no finite allotment of anything, especially happiness!

Notes from the Universe: New Perspectives from an Old Friend
by Mike Dooley

What if the universe were to send you frequent reminders of the ultimate power you have over your life? The secret to manifesting change is focusing not on the how, but instead on what you are after the kind of life you want and living as if you have already arrived.

More Notes from the Universe: Life, Dreams, and Happiness
by Mike Dooley

There is more to living in time and space than meets the eye. Just behind the "curtains," in the unseen, there is a love and an essence that yearns for us to have all that we want. There, the Universe conspires on our behalf, aligning players and circumstances in unimaginable ways.

Even More Notes from the Universe: Dancing Life's Dance
by Mike Dooley

The Universe —our eternal partner— returns for the third installment in the series, dispensing wisdom, humor, and insight into the truth about creating the future we desire. Nothing is impractical, impossible, or out of reach. Your thoughts create worlds and the steps you take unleash the magic behind creation.

PowerHunch! Living an Intuitive Life
by Marcia Emery, PhD

A flash of intuition illuminates and clarifies everything: you see an array of options you never thought of before. Intuition is about heeding premonitions, acting on creative bolts from the blue, and paying attention to your quiet inner voice.

The Hidden Messages in Water
by Dr. Masaru Emoto

Using high-speed photography, Dr. Emoto discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward them. This research creates a new awareness of how we can positively impact the earth and our personal health.

Mystic Cool: A Proven Approach to Transcend Stress, Achieve Optimal Brain Function, and Maximize your Creative Intelligence
by Don Joseph Goewey

Neuroplasticity is an emerging field in neuroscience, which states that the mind has the power to change the very structure of the brain. Science shows that our positive thoughts can literally re-wire the established physical pathways.

Soul Shift: Finding Where the Dead Go
by Mark Ireland

Businessman Mark Ireland’s father was Richard Ireland, a renowned medium who counted Mae West among his famous clients. Mark followed a more conventional path until the sudden death of his youngest son. This is the story of Mark's inspiring opening to the realms that exist after life on earth.

The Living Matrix (DVD)

Documentary by Greg Becker and Harry Massey, about healing and the nature of human health. Following a trail of groundbreaking research across Europe and the U.S., the film tracks pioneering scientists and leaders in alternative medicine, and reveals a whole new model for understanding and promoting wellness. With Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Eric Pearl, James L. Oschman, etc.

Transformational Speaking: If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story
by Gail Larsen

Bring forth your authentic voice and ignite your passion. Larsen helps you
explore what holds fire and meaning for you now and discover and appreciate your individual communications style. It moves you quickly to your "Home Zone"—the place of authentic voice, life experience, and speaking power.

Gift from the Sea: 50th Anniversary Edition
by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

In an enticing new format, with a new jacket—a hardcover reissue of one of the most beloved books of our time. Since it was first published in 1955, this book has enlightened and offered solace to readers concerning love, marriage, solitude, simplicity, inner peace, and spiritual centeredness.

Roll Around Heaven: An All-True Accidental Spiritual Adventure
by Jessica Maxwell

An adventure writer, Jessica never gave God a second thought until, "He/She/It grabbed me by the ear, marched me into the divine principal's office, and told me to quit goofing off and start paying attention." Jessica learns that her earthbound goals are mere day hikes compared to her soaring ascent to heaven on earth.

Partnering with Nature: The Wild Path to Reconnecting with the Earth
by Catriona MacGregor (available 4/2010; pre-order from amazon)

This book weaves together historical, spiritual, and scientific information and offers personal anecdotes and real stories of how nature has changed people’s lives as well as shaped the course of human evolution.

The Crack in the Cosmic Egg: New Constructs of Mind and Reality
by Joseph Chilton Pearce; Foreword by Thom Hartmann

The intellectual feast here uses the metaphor of a "cosmic egg" to get its point across: that the reality that defines us (and is defined by us), is a fragile, but closed, limited, and self-limiting construction. The mind is the only sculpting tool we have for our "reality construction project."

Evolution's End: Claiming the Potential of Our Intelligence
by Joseph Chilton Pearce

It's time for the way we think about our families, schools, and lives to evolve. This passionate and provocative critique of the way we raise our children and undermine society's future delineates the ways we thwart our creative progess, and reveals a new landscape of possibilities for the next steps in human evolution.

The Biology of Transcendence: A Blueprint of the Human Spirit
by Joseph Chilton Pearce

This book is a roadmap for immediately restarting human evolution. It bridges biology and metaphysics. Pearce speaks with the clarity of someone who understands deeply the unrealized birthright of humanity, built into our brain, which he beautifully and concisely describes.

The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit: A Return to the Intelligence of the Heart
by Joseph Chilton Pearce
Once again, Pearce’s genius and deep, essential humanity illuminate the most meaningful and important issue of our day—our relationship with Spirit and the all-too-often-toxic history and motivations of organized religion. Pearce goes to the very memetic ‘DNA’ of our culture and recodes it to affirm life’s potential.

A Vision for 2012: Planning for Extraordinary Change
by John L. Petersen

Our leaders need to be prepared to address life-altering events such as rapid climate change, severe restriction of the oil supply, a tipping point in the global financial system, a bird flu epidemic, or a new level of sophistication among terrorists, argues noted futurist John Petersen in this timely and insightful essay.


Presence: Exploring Profound Change in People, Organizations & Society
by Senge, Scharmer, Jaworski, and Flowers

Explores the nature of transformational change—how it arises and the fresh possibilities it offers a world dangerously out of balance. It introduces the idea of “presence”—that the whole is entirely present in any of its parts—to the worlds of business, education, government, and leadership.


Your Journey to Enlightenment: Twelve Guiding Principles to Connect with Love, Courage, and Commitment in the New Dawn
by Simran Singh

When you decide life has all-possibility and that your limitation and feeling-held-back is no longer necessary, the bounteousness of who you are can burst into the world. This book teaches about presence and courage through playfulness.


Why the Dalai Lama Matters: His Act of Truth as the Solution for China, Tibet, and the World
by Robert Thurman

The Dalai Lama has been a consistent voice for peace, offering a Middle Way Approach that has garnered many accolades. Thurman details this approach in five steps that the Chinese leadership can easily accomplish.

Tibetan Meditation Music: For Quiet Mind and Peaceful Heart (Audio CD)

Tapping into the richness of Tibet's meditation tradition, Nawang Khechog creates his most relaxing album yet wholly focused on helping you experience inner stillness. Nawang combines Tibetan spiritual chants with his own masterful flute compositions.

Borderless Broads: New Adventures for the Midlife Woman: How to Rethink Your Lifestyle & Rewrite Your Future
by Morgana Morgaine

Explore how to make midlife spacious, resilient, and option-filled. Expand into the truest self that you are. Think for yourself as a mystic, maverick, and maven.





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