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Opening the Intuitive Gate Conference at San Francisco State University, produced by The Center for Applied Intuition and the Center for Interdisciplinary Science, January 1988. Though this is an older source, the conference was ground-breaking and there are many interesting presenters. Penney's workshops, available as audiotapes, are "Intuition Training III" and "Intuition and Spiritual Transformation."


Penney Describes Her Book, Frequency
Key Points in the Book, Penney Talks into Her Recorder, 18.5mb, 13 minutes

Penney Talks about Intuition & Vibration, Bodhi Tree Books, Los Angeles - 0309
This has a slight echoey quality but the content is clear, 49mb, 35 minutes


Download the 5 Audio Companions to the paperback version of Frequency


Frequency, Intuition, and "The Future" - 1009
Exploring Unexplained Phenomena with Host Scott Colburn, KZUM Radio, 26MB, 112 minutes

A Call to Consciousness: A Conversation with Penney Peirce - 0809
Interview with Host Brian McClure, KTLK Radio, Los Angeles

Frequency: New Territories and Dimensions - 1210
Living in the Quantum Field with Host Katy-Lynn Garrett, contact talk radio

Paying Attention to Vibration - 0911
Conscious Talk Radio with Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears, Seattle Drive Time Talk Radio

Coast to Coast AM, listen to a 3-hour interview with Penney and George Noori if you are a subscriber.

Intuition for Facilitators
Interview with Steve Davis of FacilitatorU • www.facilitatoru.com, 59mb, 52 minutes

"Beyond the Obvious" Tour with Succeed Magazine/Penney in South Africa - 1005
Interview with Brian Hatton, Host of Risky Business, Johannesburg, SA, 71mb, 62 minutes

Frequency and Spiritual Awakening - 0511
Mastering Alchemy Webinar with Penney & Jim Self, www.masteringalchemy.com, 46mb, 90 minutes

Sensing Energy & Trends - 0611
Conversations at the Cutting Edge with Host Sandie Sedgbeer & Jim Self, The Awakening Zone, 23.5mb, 90 minutes

Frequency & Expanded Abilities - 0611
Contact Has Begun, world puja network, with Host James Gilliland
, 21mb, 109 minutes

Frequency & Mysticism - 0611
A Fireside Chat with the Zany Mystic, with Host Lance White
, bbs talk radio, 27mb, 59 minutes

Frequency & Transformation - 0811
Wake Up! The Sound of Transformation, kpfk, with Host Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, 13mb, 58 minutes

Being Ultrasensitive in an Accelerating World - 0811
Voices of Women with Host Kris Steinnes, 31mb, 55 minutes

Frequency & the Intuition Age - 0911
11:11 Talk Radio with Host Simran Singh
(also available on itunes), 26mb, 56 minutes

Frequency & Psychic Ability - 0911
The Common Sense Psychic with Host Phyllis King, 14mb, 60 minutes

Frequency & What's Going On in the World - 1111
Serious Wonder with Host Gray Scott, 50mb, 55 minutes
Hour 2 via subscription

Frequency, Intuition, Time, and Dreams - 0310
Interview with Host Henrik Palmgren, Red Ice Radio, Gottenberg, Sweden
, 26 mb, 56 minutes
(Hour 2 via subscription: Dream Interpretation, Path of Inquiry & Changes in 2010)

Frequency, Change & Higher Unified Field Reality - 0911
Interview with Host Henrik Palmgren, Red Ice Radio, Gottenberg, Sweden, 28mb, 63 minutes
(Hour 2 via subscription: Superconsciosness & Dream Zones)

Watch Penney

Expert Intuitive Penney Peirce talks about Frequency on YouTube/4:44

Describing Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration, with Penney Peirce on YouTube/2:25

Video Interviews with Lilou Macé
JUICY LIVING TOUR: Personal Vibration, Dreams, Imagination, the New Reality (2011)
How to Raise Your Personal Vibration
Secrets to Understanding Your Dreams
Trends in Consciousness, What's Coming!

Video Interviews with Baptist de Pape from Antwerp, Belgium
Enlightenment the Female Way
Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration (Part 1)
The Connection between Your Heart and Your Frequency (Part 2)

Discover the Gift: watch the trailer