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The BITS & PIECES Series
Essays and Insights
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The Bits & Pieces e-book series is a collection of editorials and essays, along with
shorter insight pieces, by intuition and perception expert Penney Peirce.
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Penney has been one of my longtime teachers and I have loved all of her writings. But these are different in that Penney shares things in a more personal way and we get to see how she navigates life and the feelings it stirs up. For me this was like having somebody model how to move through all sorts of things while thinking new thoughts and shifting all the paradigms that Penney's taught in her other works. I read this book quickly as it was deeply satisfying particularly during a big transition in my life.
Lisa C. Briggs, Founder of The Intuitive Body

Bits & Pieces 1
Thoughts on Emotion, Ending Struggle,
and Living with the "Big Dark Hidden"

Bits & Pieces 1 explores ideas related to feelings of stuckness in relation to our spiritual growth, or transformation, process. What can make us contract and stop our own expansion, and what can free us again? How do we deal with our growing ultrasensitivity, which can at times make us feel we’re drowning in negative emotion? How do we live lovingly in the seeming gap of liminal space, as the next just-right thing is gestating? There are many wonderful insights in this book to inspire you on your path and help you ease the difficult transitions.

What's Inside

Hurting Each Other with Energy and Thought
Overcoming Betrayal, Trusting Destiny
Moving Beyond Suffering
From Polarization to Paradox: Eclipsing the Old Dynamics of Struggle
The Time of Waves: Toward an Enlightened Emotional Body
Break through Stuckness: Open Your Intuition Again!
Armageddon and the Light in the “Big Dark Hidden”
Living in Liminal Space
The Simplicity Identity
Thinking vs. Being; Words vs. Silence
The Power of Contrition
Know What You Write, Write What You Know
Is Anybody Out There? You Bet!
Our Last Bits of Resistance?
The Disappearing Self
Making It Easy for My Guidance to Come Through
Dissolving Hearts
The Ego and Its "Special Relationships"
Practicing in Dreams
The Highly Sensitives
Pleasure Without a Cause
Fine-Line Balances: An Intuitive Art
Controlled Folly
Coming through the "Human Stuff"
Mysticism and Realism
Rainer Maria Rilke and Emptiness
Out of the Mouths of Babes
For Just a Moment, I Wish that Silence. . .
I Feel a Looming

Subtle Ways We Hurt Others with Energy

You may be wondering: Really, how does one injure someone with energy? We're made of energy and all creation comes into existence and dissolves out of existence on waves of energy. Stop a wave, lower a frequency, interfere with someone's destiny, or act in ignorance of universal principles, and we can temporarily distort and impede the wisdom and goodness of the Flow.

Outright physical attacks and violence are an obvious way we hurt others, yet many people don’t consider harsh criticism, insults, and trash-talking to be a form of violence. They are. Remember the last time someone insulted you or "put you down" (literally, reduced your vibration)? How easy was it to get out of that dented, contracted state? To handle the meanness, you probably either had to close your heart, go away and cry, get involved in an intense activity, throw more meanness back in the perpetrator's face, or resort to an addictive behavior to dull the pain.

There are so many reality television shows today that feature catty girls and women calling each other whores and bitches, or where there is ceaseless gossip and nastiness behind each other's backs. Or, the glamorous host or hostess proclaims, “You’re fired!” or “You’re OUT!” How awful can we make someone look and feel? Why is this such a huge behavior trend put squarely in our face? Are we trying to see through it? Trying to understand how to heal childhood pain by diving directly into it again? Perhaps there is a vicarious thrill in watching someone else hurt others and be hurt by others — as long as it’s not me, right? But how much fun IS it — really?

My experience is that repeating these insane, pain-based cycles of feeling wounded then wounding others to avoid feeling our own wounds doesn’t get us anywhere, except locked into a never-ending, wound-generating, and wound-feeding reality that is a living hell-realm. There is no end, no way out, as long as we perpetuate the punishment reaction, either by punishing and blaming ourselves, or others.

Besides saying and doing mean things, it's also possible to hurt others by stonewalling or shutting down while they're sharing themselves. I have often experienced people clanging the energy door shut in my face when what I'm saying hits too close to home concerning one of their personal issues. In these situations, I had not been preaching or trying to change them, but they made me feel like I'd done something wrong. So, too, when friends text or take calls on their cell phones during a lunch date, or while we're having a conversation — the rudeness is a subtle meanness, a way of hurting by withholding attention and energy. The person on the phone is more important than you are. Are we supposed to just get used to this callousness?

And what about the plague of people who are habitually late for appointments and either laugh it off or have a big smile and a plethora of excuses when they arrive? And the ones who reschedule appointments multiple times because something else more important than you came up at the last minute? Or people who don't return phone calls? Just a normal part of life? Or are these also ways we hurt each other with energy, and don't practice the Golden Rule? There are thousands of seemingly innocuous ways each day that people convey to others that, "I'm important, and you're not." This is hurting others with energy.



Bits & Pieces 2
Thoughts on the Feminine, the Flow,
Presence, and Becoming the World

Bits & Pieces 2 explores ideas related to the immense loving experience of the divine feminine, the power of fluidity and faith in the wisdom of each moment, what can be revealed in silence via “presence,” and how you can feel into things — even the world — and if you keep paying close attention, you can actually become the world and know what it knows. There are many wonderful insights in this book to inspire you on your path and help you ease the difficult times.

What's Inside

Being a Medium for HER Voice
Princess Diana & Mother Teresa: Their Connection Carries a Message for Today
Choose What’s Choosing You
Writing a Poem: A Sacred Act of the Feminine Mind
Almost Heaven: For John Denver
The Art and Entertainment of Life in the Flow
When Life Gets Messy and Won't Behave: The Positive Use of Ambiguity, Uncertainty, and Disorder
Forgetting What We Know to Know Anew
Soul-Crafting: Getting Serious About Who We Want to Be
Following the Bread Crumb Trail
Soul-Seeking 101
An Intuitive View of September 11: A Massive Reveille Reverberating through Time
Fellowship, the Soul Group, and the Field: Noticing a New Way of Living
Becoming Transparent: Preparing to Live in the Permanent Present Moment
Recipe for Peaceful Living
Healing with Secret Love
Fall Farther In
A Few Words on Material Success
Wherever I Am
Passion Is
(Trying to Remember to) Give Thanks
Release Isn't Always Relief
I'm Happy that You're Happy
Celebrity Worship
Prayer, 9, and the Divine Feminine
Let in the Light!
Rainer Maria Rilke's Advice to Mankind
The Power of Words as Worlds
Enlivening Each Day
Is Your World View Based on Love or Fear?
Intuitive Men
Advise from Spirit to Anyone
Winds of Change

Writing a Poem: A Sacred Act of the Feminine Mind

The urge to keep a journal and write poems seized me early. Inspired by several years when my family lived on a farm in Kansas, I penned this preteen masterpiece: "The most beautiful time in Kansas, I think/Is when the sky turns shades of blue, gray, and pink/This is the time when the breezes are few/And this is the time when the insects are, too." Luckily, keeping on does refine one's sensibilities and craft. Yet even in this juvenile rhyme, there's a seed of the reverence I've always felt for nature, for the way it becomes the Teacher if we can be quiet and listen.

I carry a journal on airplanes and hikes, to mountaintops, beaches, and foreign countries. A poem is a good way to distill the essence of a confusing or inspiring experience by blending actual detail with feeling to find the core spiritual message. After the last line mysteriously appears, as though from some inner master, I often feel sublimely wide-eyed, relieved, and wiser. Poems arise from the right brain, from the “feminine” consciousness that loves beauty, music, and all things sensory and sensual. There’s a reason poets were once called “singers.” Poems connect us to what’s most real, to the soaring self, to the Fluidity.

There have been times when a poem pressured me insistently, practically screaming at me to pull the car over and get a pen and paper from my purse. Then it would explode out in a rhythm all its own like a baritone belch, a string of comical hiccups, or a piece of handmade lace. At other times, I'd hear a phrase that felt like a first line, though I had no idea what the poem might be about. Sometimes a round bulge in my solar plexus would rise slowly to my chest, exciting me, and I'd know there was something that wanted to be said. If I could listen closely, and feel for the rhythm, the opening line would slide out, like a baby from the birth canal, setting the tone for the rest to flow upon.

Writing a poem is such a fascinating and magical thing. So often the words aren't there at first. It's just a mood that captures the whole body, and the mood is like a blueprint that patterns the mind and filters the words. If I stay in it, merged and a servant, the pattern picks the particular flow of sounds. The first thought is often only one plain garment that wraps itself around the meaning the poem seeks to reveal. The whole costume comes into view only because I start to dress myself — the frilly blouse leads to the short socks and black flats, to the purple slacks, to the long scarf, to the rakish beret. Et, voilà! Zee outfit!

Looking back through my collection of poetic punctuation marks, I see they describe very human moments of walking the path toward spiritual fulfillment. The Path certainly has its ups, downs, and sudden turns, yet it also follows inherently orderly principles that have not the slightest bit of rigidity. I am mostly fascinated with what is simple, ordinary, childlike, and at the same time profound and symbolic of these compassionate universal laws. What creates a living state of consciousness, a contagious mood, a timeless pause?

I'm not so motivated to write a great poem structurally, as I am in catalyzing "real moments" and turning on the heart's lightswitch. I'm also interested in the differences in the way men and women perceive the path to spirit and find poetic content. Culturally, we seem to have accepted a predominantly male priesthood's ideas of abstinence, detachment, and overcoming the sinful body and emotions with mental discipline as the only truths about how to reach heaven.

As a woman, I've always felt that the earth has great dignity, wisdom, and light and is far from an evil force or a place of suffering. All actions — be they sane, insane, compassionate, or selfish — exist within the body of the Great Knower/Lover. To reject part of our totality is to miss the wide road to enlightenment. I believe human emotion and the capacity to feel is our saving grace; it is what differentiates us from the minerals, plants, animals — even the angelic realm — and makes humanity such an important cosmic experiment. To feel passion and know the inner fire allows us to evolve consciously. And thus, we can drive the evolution of the physical plane and accelerate the flow of consciousness through heightened yearning. To me, this is the heart of poetry.

To accept everything about our humanness and love it with the compassion of the Great Mother, is to enter into a union with Spirit that gives much greater enlightenment than can be attained by moral dictates. We must learn to trust the natural laws inherent in our cells, in the mechanism of perception itself, and fall into the formless order, as the fast-flying arrow of Truth ironically sometimes lands in the all-enveloping, deep dark lake of Joy.


Bits & Pieces 3
Thoughts on Coming Trends in Education,
Politics, Business, and World Events

Bits & Pieces 3 explores the possibilities for coming trends in many areas of concern, based on the key stages of the universal transformation process underway in the world. There are many wonderful insights in this book to inspire you on your path and help you ease the difficult times. 

What's Inside

Commentary on the Coming Times
Intuition & Spirituality in Business: Part 1
Intuition & Spirituality in Business: Part 2
Deepening Your Dream State: Dreams and Precognitive Omens about World EventsSome Hidden Dynamics of Communication
The New Children and The Future of Education: An Expert Intuitive Looks at TrendsIntuition, Transformation, and Politics: Seeing Through the Smokescreen of Spin
Melting Through the Buzz to Rest in the Divine, Not the Mind
Coming Trends for the United States
5 Affirmations to Connect with Soul in Yourself, Others, and Life
5 Ways to Use Intuition to Feel Your Soul
5 Criteria of Soul Perception
5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Discover What You’ve Outgrown and Can Release
5 Ways to Stay in Touch with Soul While Engaged in Any Creative Process
5 Tips for Using Intuition to Receive Your Soul’s Guidance
5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Your Latent Talents And Interests
The Gist of Gita
Thoughts on Empathy: Part 1
Thoughts on Empathy: Part 2
Sorting Vibrations: Dealing with Bullies
Intuition’s Power
Compassion Meditation
When We Are Interconnected. . .We Think Differently
10 Ways to Be More Intuitive and Feel More Spirit in Your Life: Part 1
10 Ways to Be More Intuitive and Feel More Spirit in Your Life: Part 2
10 Ways to Be More Intuitive and Feel More Spirit in Your Life: Part 3
10 Ways to Be More Intuitive and Feel More Spirit in Your Life: Part 4
The Belonging

Intuition and Spirituality in Business: Part 1

In the not-too-distant future, corporations will have professional intuitives on staff, much like kings and pharoahs in ancient cultures had viziers, astrologers, and dream priests who provided vital information about the unseen factors influencing their success. Soon it won’t seem odd that an empath, like the beautiful Star Trek intuitive, might be consulted about the strategy for making a new investment or how a cash flow problem should be solved. In the near future, executives will meet in groups, align their minds and hearts into a singular focus, ask a specific set of well-designed questions of the group mind, and receive useful, appropriate data that is mutually empowering to each and to the whole.

At present, it may seem that business is locked into a boxy way of thinking, that it epitomizes the patriarchal, mechanistic, one-upsmanship, status quo view of life. Though this is true in large part, I feel it will be business, through its need to stay abreast of emerging market trends, that will help lead the way in catalyzing profound and lasting societal transformation — and in the foreseeable future.

As a clairvoyant-empath and professional intuitive, the more I’ve looked deeply into the mechanics of people’s individual lives, the more I’ve seen and felt the underlying, elegant, mathematical, natural principles that organize our consciousness. The same principles hold true, whether I look into an individual life, a business, or society at large. Every system is a particular evolving configuration of energy, thoughts, feelings, actions, and forms — some factors being external, some internal. In most situations, what shows on the surface is just the tip of the iceberg. By using intuition to access the hidden bulk of a situation — the energetic, mental, and emotional “inner blueprints” — new, highly effective paths of action can be outlined, problems can be solved, appropriate guidance can be rendered, and even coming trends delineated.
What intrigues me is an ongoing process I observe in everyone and every organization I see. It is an acceleration of the work of clearing fear from our individual and collective consciousness, a process of transformation of awareness, a perceptual shift. The same transformation is occurring simultaneously in individuals, organizations, nations, and the planet itself.

As the process occurs in individuals it looks one way: people crave their own authentic self-expression, a soul mate, a good family experience, health, and true freedom — and can no longer tolerate physical and sexual abuse, double standards, dishonesty, and low self-esteem. Everything that is fear-based rises to the surface of consciousness to be re-viewed by the higher mind, so it can be corrected and completed, and old frozen energies can be released to free new creativity.

As the process occurs in organizations it looks a little different: employees begin to take ownership in the companies they work for, intuitive knowing and women play a greater role in corporate functioning, the methodology for achieving profit is re-examined, and the entire issue of profit as the sole motivation for business is rethought.