The Transforming Power of Your Attention

The 3rd Book in Penney's Transformation Series

Winner of the 2014 COVR Visionary Awards for
Book of the Year
and Best Alternative Science & Spirituality Book
Winner of the 2014 Silver Nautilus Book Award for Science/Cosmology


Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, and Audiobook
ISBN 978-1-58270-390-9 • ISBN 978-1-4516-9513-7 (ebook)
Foreword by Martha Beck, PhD
(Beyond Words/Atria, Simon & Schuster 2013)

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What is the perception of the future? And how do we get there now?” Peirce (The Intuitive Way) focuses on these questions, less intent on how people might view the future and more concerned with exploring how people will use perceptual processes in an evolving world. This final book in Peirce’s transformation trilogy is a timely model for intuition development in accelerated times. She offers a coherent and practical guide to understanding and navigating the stages, symptoms, and processes of transforming perception so that people come to understand “how everything is made of consciousness-and-energy, how everything vibrates at varying frequencies, and how the physical and non-physical worlds are really one unified field.” To transform your perceptual process is simply to make it more conscious, she argues—and this is as easy as focusing attention differently, a process the author clearly lays out. Peirce satisfyingly distills a complex subject into approachable reading, providing numerous “Try This!” exercises that allow the reader to absorb the book’s content through both left- and right-brain knowing.

Step into a Transformed Reality!

As the vibration of the world continues to accelerate, we are being catalyzed into a new kind of knowing — literally, a leap of perception. We can now clearly see how perception itself creates the world and our life experience. We are rapidly outgrowing "old perception" and are discovering a high-vibrational “new perception” that creates a high-frequency world — one in which oneness, compassion, service, joy, and mutually sourced cocreativity prevail.

Leap of Perception completes Peirce’s Transformation Trilogy, offering a comprehensive guide to navigating your transformation process, recognizing the new Intuition Age reality, and living successfully by its new rules. With down-to-earth examples and simple exercises, Peirce deftly translates sophisticated concepts into useful practices to make this complex change — and what comes after — understandable, actionable, and easy to integrate into daily life.

Leap of Perception details the transformation of consciousness underway today — what many refer to as "the Shift" — as we evolve from the Information Age to what Penney Peirce calls "The Intuition Age." It helps us understand that the acceleration of the world's energy and its resulting profound change is really a change in perception; perception creates the world and each particular experience of self. Leap of Perception describes the change in our underlying "geometry of perception" from an old linear model to a new spherical-holographic way of seeing ourselves and reality.

As we integrate this new worldview, the rules of the way reality functions change dramatically. We are becoming a new kind of human being, living in a new kind of malleable, immediately responsive world. How is this reality going to function? What will we be like? How do we ease our transition?

Leap of Perception helps us understand, and learn to practice, new "attention skills" that will soon seem normal. Included are such things as: direct knowing, undivided attention, flow attention, unified field attention, collective-self attention, and working skillfully with the imaginal realm to materialize new realities in the blink of an eye.

The result of this transformative leap of perception will be many "new human" abilities that previously have been thought to be supernatural, and an entirely new understanding of multidimensional life, where death as we know it no longer exists, and there is no "other side."

A leap into high-vibrational perception creates a high-frequency world. In this high-frequency world, principles of oneness, compassion, service, joy, and mutually sourced cocreativity prevail. We are rapidly outgrowing "old perception" in which separation, ego, domination/victimization, hard-heartedness, and suffering can exist.

What's Inside

Table of Contents

Foreword by Martha Beck, PhD
To the Reader
About This Book

PART 1: Rediscovering Perception
Chap 1: Acceleration and Transformation
Chap 2: The Path to Expanded Perception
Chap 3: How Do You Know?

PART 2: Skillful Perception for Transformation
Chap 4: Unlearn Habits of Old Perception
Chap 5: Recognize New Perception
Chap 6: Navigate the Transformation Narrows

PART 3: New Attention Skills for the Intuition Age
Chap 7: Practice Direct Knowing
Chap 8: Practice the Spherical-Holographic Reality
Chap 9: Practice Undivided Attention
Chap 10: Practice Flow Attention
Chap 11: Practice Unified Field Attention
Chap 12: Practice Collective-Self Attention
Chap 13: Practice Shaping the Imaginal Realm
Chap 14: Practice “New Human” Abilities
Chap 15: Practice “Pretend Dying”
Final Thoughts

The book contains inspiring quotes, experiential exercises, and diagrams.



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