A Daybook of Clarity and Intuiton


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$15.95, 399pp, 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"
ISBN 0-8092-2475-5
Foreword by Dr. Marcia Emery
(McGraw Hill, 2000)

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The Present Moment is a perpetual daybook that puts the principles of mindfulness and intuition development into a "daily practice" format, emphasizing the "power of now" to bring clarity of mind and heart. The book is a great companion to a journal practice or it can be used to provide daily inspiration, either day by day, or in oracle fashion by simply opening the book anywhere.

Today, we're more distracted, fragmented, pressured, and rushed than ever before. By going so fast, we lose touch with our bodies and nature, where the wisdom of our souls resides—and as a result, we often make unhealthy choices that don't support our life purpose, the people in our lives, or the longevity of the planet.

To survive and grow, we must turn away from competing versions of truth espoused by external authorities and turn within to find the quiet center and our own authentic truth, unaided by media and technology. To do that we must rebuild our "intuition muscle," and learn to enter the present moment, the only place we can contact our soul and feel our "home frequency." Only at our core can we hear "the mind in the heart," the voice of appropriateness.

The Present Moment gives you day-by-day help in cutting through the noise. It guides you in developing the art of paying attention. By learning to apply intuition and "skillful perception" every day, you'll gain reliable access to your wealth of inner wisdom. Through the habit of feeling the "presence" and purpose in all things, even in the space around you, you can know the unified field as a reality, and take responsible action based on your interrelatedness with the whole.

What's Inside

The Present Moment is filled with information about: beginner's mind, the stillpoint, centering, finding connection to life, living a life of inquiry, maintaining focus, going with the flow, decoding the nonverbal information from your body, entering the silence, valuing the "feminine mind," and trusting your intuition.

Each day of the year has an affirmation and an exercise to practice for the day, accompanied by an anecdote or story that brings home the message of the affirmation. Here's a sample:

I begin things consciously.

Notice the first thought of the day, of each new creative endeavor, and the way
you enter new experiences. Are you fully present? There are an infinite
number of beginnings every day

Have you noticed that the state of mind you're in when you take the first steps of a journey will somehow be encoded and lived out in the rest of the journey? That the way a new process begins will be symbolic of its outcome? If you're preoccupied and start things in a hurry, without clear intentionality, the results you get are likely to be similarly haphazard and the process itself fraught with indecision, snags, sabotages, or reversals. For this reason, I take quiet time to meditate and write in my journal on New Year's Day and my birthday every year, and I write out my intentions and visualize the results I want to accomplish before I leave on every business trip or vacation. I practice dedicating myself before I see each client, or write each paragraph.
How do you enter into a conversation? Or a new room in a house or office? How do you respond to incoming opportunities or to meeting new people? What thoughts are in your mind as you take each first step? And what was your first thought this morning as you awoke? Did you immediately start making your "to do" list? Did you recall your dreams? Did you greet the dawn gratefully or were you resentful of your alarm clock? Did you smile?

While I was on the East Coast, someone gave me this affirmation: "The goal is God. I start my day with God by taking my first thought of God within my own form." This is powerful. So are the words of St. Patrick's ancient and beautiful prayer. He writes: "I arise today through the strength of heaven: light of sun, radiance of moon, splendor of fire, speed of lightning, swiftness of wind, depth of sea, stability of earth, firmness of rock. . . I arise today through a mighty strength, the invocation of the trinity, through belief in the threeness, through confession of the oneness, of the Creator of Creation."

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