Ongoing Intuitive Coaching

gridHaving a perceptive person stay attentive to you for a period of time can give you a whole new sense of who you are.

Intuitive Coaching is like Life and Executive Coaching with added dimension and subtlety. The process looks below the surface to help solve problems at a core level, ease major transitions, and prepare for new accomplishments. We go beyond mental list-making and goal-setting to see how your thought habits and "personal frequency" affect your results. You'll learn to read your reality for hidden messages from your soul, clear stuckness, and step more easily into your destiny.

Make Change Easier
• When you're going through a confusing transition or stressful emotional period, talking to a neutral, wise friend on a regular basis can help you stabilize and make changes faster. Penney can reframe problems so they almost solve themselves.

• Harness subtle factors that can speed progress and reduce energy drain. Learn to solve problems, make trasitions, and get results using "Intuition Age" techniques, which incorporate heightened sensitivity, energy dynamics, and "frequency principles."

• Improve your intuition, life balance, and spiritual aliveness. Find right relationship to your higher power, maintain your spiritual practice, and ask the questions that keep you honest and real.

See—and Sense—More Deeply
• Treat your whole life as a single stream of soul expression. Learn to live from your soul, recognize and correct tendencies to backslide into fear beliefs and behaviors, and take courageous, enthusiastic action.

• Penney is adept at providing a different angle on your thought process, and can stimulate positive developments by asking unusual "wake up" questions. She is also skilled at finding the core ideas that either block or release your highest expression.

• You'll be guided to recenter repeatedly into your true purpose and vision, follow through on your intentions, clarify a sequence of actions, maintain clear perspective on difficult situations, stay on track, even brainstorm fun marketing ideas or edit copy for a brochure.

We Begin with 4 Sessions
After an initial 60 minute consultation to assess things, you'll work with Penney for 4 sessions of 30 minutes each, which can be spaced over a month or two months. We can decide that together. If you want to keep going for another 4 sessions, that's fine. You pay for the block of time in advance.

In the intuitive coaching process you'll be actively engaged in conversation and will do various exercises to find intuitive insights. You'll propel your own progress and make your own decisions. Penney will attune to your issues, problems, current process, and transition, and look intuitively at what your soul is trying to accomplish. She will keep you on a high-frequency track as your plan of action becomes clear and will recommend specific practices each week. The process is spontaneous and whatever needs to be said will come forth. And, you'll laugh alot! Coaching should never feel like "work!"

All information is confidential. Sessions are conducted by phone only and it is recommended that they be recorded.

Tax Deductible
Your intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching sessions are tax deductible as a business expense. We will gladly provide an invoice and/or receipt for you if you ask.

Intuitive Coaching can guide you quickly into an expanded experience of how flowing and truly joyful your life can be!


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