Private In-Depth Intuitive Consultations

gridThere are times when you need a sounding board, an outside opinion you can trust.

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Penney has been doing deep-level Intuitive Consultations since 1977. She uses her wisdom about how intuition, consciousness, and transformation work, and how reality is changing as a result of "new perception," to guide you.
She connects directly and empathically to your personal pattern.

An Intuitive Consultation can work wonders to help you move through troublesome personal and career matters, and step enthusiastically into the next level of your self-expression.

A consultation can help you doublecheck your own sense of things and how your higher frequency reality is likely to unfold, and can be especially beneficial if you need to make a difficult decision or solve a complex problem.

Just one Intuitive Consultation can take you to a new view and a positive feeling about your life! Using intuition to see beyond surface explanations can quickly shift you into a fresh perspective. Flow is re-established and enthusiasm fires on all cylinders again. Just-right answers and solutions follow. It doesn't take long. One full-length session often contains information that lasts a year or two.

Be prepared to describe your situation, current transition, recent changes, and key issues in a concise way. Make a list of the questions, situations, problems, and curiosities you'd like insight about.

An Intuitive Consultation Can Address These Issues:

—You have too much conflicting information

—You're in a transition or crisis

—Difficult people or challenging situations are slowing you down

—You're caught in resistance, insecurity, or a repeating negative pattern

—You feel stuck for unknown reasons

—You want to prepare for upcoming opportunities, refine your performance, and achieve better results with less force and control

—You want to know which options will pay off the most, and soonest

Stay on Track & Stay Positive

—Use intuitive consultations periodically as a diagnostic tool to obtain higher perspective from a clear, neutral third party. Remind yourself of the most current "big picture."

—Eliminate cluttered thinking and recenter into your best self, life purpose, life work, strengths and talents, and new avenues for self-expression.

—Receive sophisticated spiritual guidance and practical worldly advice, with recommendations for specific actions to take.

—Be inspired about ways to shift troublesome relationships, negotiations, and situations for a positive outcome.

—Move through stuck places and blindspots quickly by finding the messages in events, problems, or setbacks. Reframe problems so they almost solve themselves.

—Uncover that missing insight or slightly different view that helps the last important piece click into place, making all systems: GO!

Your Inner Blueprint & Most Probable Direction
The energy dynamics of your inner world act as a blueprint on which your life is modeled. This "inner blueprint" is a combination of:

1. your soul's "home frequency" and motivation (destiny),
2. your overarching belief system (world view), and
3. your underlying emotional wounds (subconscious blocks or "clutter").

To the degree that fear or contracted thinking influences you, your soul's destiny cannot materialize—and you suffer. With wise counsel, you can change your blueprint, raise your personal vibration, and see rapid positive shifts!

Penney can sense your inner blueprint—feel what you're "built for"—and can describe your highest potential and how it's most likely to come about. Intuitively, Penney sees more of what's possible—and this is often predictive, though each reading is a snapshot of today's most probable expanded reality.

What's a Consultation Like?
First, let's be clear about what a session isn't! Some people have preconceptions that the sessions are "psychic," that a spiritual guide will tell Penney what they "should" do, and what will happen in their future. Or they expect Penney to automatically know everything about their situation without being given any background. This is not what happens. Think of it more as very deep-level intuitive coaching and guidance about your process of evolution.

Once Penney can tune in to an overview and what's been happening in your life, she can feel the energy, and from there she can expand the process into most probable directions and outcomes. Once she starts describing the process, it's typical for precognitive information to flow through easily as part of the description. So please don't expect to solely obtain predictions about the future or be told what to do.

Penney gives insights & recommendations, paints pictures of how a reality might unfold, or describes ways you can change a reality you don't like. The process is conversational, and oriented toward the present moment. An intuitive consultation is process-oriented and encourages you to make your own decisions. The session is spontaneous and whatever needs to be said comes forth. Ethically, the content is presented so no negative programming or interference with free will results. All information is confidential.

Penney likes to begin the session by looking at your numerology cycles. Though some people think this is an extraneous or unnecessary part of the session, it's not. It describes an overview of your life pattern and lessons and provides useful information about timing. Merging into your life pattern through attunement to your numbers—which are pure vibration—helps Penney feel where your process is likely to go. After reviewing your numbers, Penney addresses the issues and questions you have, weaving all your concerns together for a cohesive understanding about what's happening.

Print the 2 numerology pdfs—Action Cycles and Personality Traits—on the Make an Appointment page before your session; these are useful for reference later on. Penney will send your numerology chart before your session via email.

In-person sessions involve Penney shifting into a deeper meditative or light trance state, and as this takes more time, they are 90 minutes long. In telephone sessions, Penney shifts to a lighter altered state where her everyday mind is out of the way and heightened sensitivity is at the forefront.

Tax Deductible
Your intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching sessions are tax deductible as a business expense.

A skilled intuitive can see through the smokescreens, untangle the knots, and access a true vision of who you're becoming.


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