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Penney Peirce has been an "expert intuitive" since 1977. She is known for being accurate, articulate, and compassionate. She can cut through to the heart of what’s most important with great depth of understanding, and can explain complex ideas in a common sense, easy-to-understand way. She estimates that in the past 30 years, she has worked with at least 150,000 people, not including those who have been influenced worldwide by her books or heard her through the media.

Penney is a practical visionary who sees the high, long view and the right-now-next-task view. She holds a broad cross-cultural understanding of the intricacies of the mind, the process of spiritual development, and the subtle interrelationships between mind, body, emotions, and soul.

Penney is experienced in the business world, and is as comfortable speaking with CEO's about future trends, as she is giving spiritual direction to those pursuing inner growth, or traveling empathically into an artist's inner world to see how their creative process might evolve. Her work assists people and organizations in uncovering life purpose and action plan, understanding and easing transitions, and finding appropriate answers to pressing questions.

Penney's advice has been sought by thousands of people around the world since 1977, and by executives at such companies as Boeing, Oracle, Apple, Adobe, Hewlett Packard, Silicon Graphics, Lockheed Martin, Levi Strauss, Williams Sonoma, Charles Schwab, Dell Computer, Autodesk, Dupont, Sprint, The Discovery Channel, and Lucasfilms in the US; TOMY Toys, Matsuyama Dept Stores, Citicorp, Hitachi, NHK, Sony, Texas Instruments, Price Waterhouse, and the American Embassy in Japan; and SAP and Novartis in Germany.

Penney has counseled and coached government officials, management consultants and corporate trainers, entrepreneurs, celebrities, judges and lawyers, a member of Japan's royal family, stock brokers, doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, graduate masters degree students, healers, philanthropists, health club managers and personal trainers, ministers, native American shamans, physicists, researchers, inventors, electrical engineers, nuclear power plant inspectors, and architects, designers, and artists of every kind. She also works with recruiters and identity/branding companies on specific cases.

She has worked with people in the entertainment industry (in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Washington, and Tokyo): producers, directors, actors, composers, musicians, singers, newscasters, MC's, casting directors, filmmakers, animators, and programming directors. Penney has worked with teenage runaways with drug problems, 5-year-old children who see angels, the terminally ill, manic depressives, professional gamblers, satanically abused people, and a prisoner from San Quentin. She counsels other intuitives, teachers/leaders in the human potential movement, and parapsychologists. She has an extensive telephone clientele with clients as far away as northern Norway and South Africa.

Penney has worked in the following venues: San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento/Nevada City, greater Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Indianapolis, New York City, Baltimore, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Denver, Boulder, Sun Valley, Omaha, St. Louis, Montreal, Palm Beach, and in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina. She has worked internationally in Japan, South Africa, Peru, France, Norway, Holland, Denmark, and Germany.

She has led tours to Peru, Egypt, the American Southwest, and Mt. Fuji. In addition, she has lived in: Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cincinnati, Kansas City, rural Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia area, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Santa Fe, and Florida.

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