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To the Reader

People who are sensitive to the invisible realms — and I count myself as one — have long intuited that the subtle frequency inside our bodies, and in the earth itself, has been steadily rising. This first stirs us up internally, causing us to feel uncomfortable without knowing why. Then the external world accelerates and seems increasingly high-pitched, or even chaotic. Eventually we adjust to the new higher level of energy and our awareness increases to the same degree. We've known instinctively that the heightening energy was coming in a series of waves, carrying our awareness incrementally up toward a shift in perception, where our sense of self would evolve from an identity based on separation, fear, and ego to one based on interrelatedness, love, and soul. We sensed that at that high frequency, our world would function according to new, more elegant and efficient principles.

Now this shift is underway, and evident to most of society, as we try to function in a climate where everything is increasing, from the amount of data we must digest, to the hours we must stay awake to get the job done, to the tidal wave of negativity that's beginning to seem normal. It can be a daunting task these days just to stay centered! We are leaving the Information Age and entering the Intuition Age, which brings with it nothing short of a major transformation in the way we perceive reality. The questions now are: How do we learn the rules of this expanded vibrational world and develop the energy and consciousness skills that can help us function in it? How do we stabilize our new perception, identity, and behavior while our previous way of life is going through its death throes?

Are the Frequencies Calling You?
Like many people, you may be responding to the accelerating frequency of life by trying to adjust your own energy state in a variety of ways — both healthy and unhealthy — to find equilibrium, security, and relief from stress. Or, you may be hunting hungrily for clues about how to thrive in this excited world with its massive complexity. The answers are not in gadgets and gizmos, or in technologically assisted ways of processing more data. The simple truth is that moving into the Intuition Age is all about what you can know and do with energy and how you can develop effective, expanded sensitivity.

You may have picked up this book because you'd like to stop being plagued by emotional tailspins that block the forward flow of your life. You might be drained by people who are disturbed and reactive, or depressed and apathetic. Maybe you're overwhelmed by nonstop stimulation, and don't want to continue to feel either numb or hyper-electrical. You may feel cluttered with subtle, nonverbal information you've picked up concerning other people, the news, the future, and the events in your life. You'd like to make sense of it, but can't exactly pinpoint what's affecting you.

Perhaps you'd like to reclaim your sensitive, spiritual nature that's been lost amidst academic, administrative, or materialistic pursuits. Your analytical mind may have brought you success in business, but now you may need to be wildly innovative, motivate people from within, and revolutionize systems that seem like dinosaurs. Have you made strides by understanding the "law of attraction," and do you want to know more about the new principles of our emerging reality? Are you trying to find the right balance between will and trust in creating your life?

If you feel nearly paralyzed by the challenge to be clear or change quickly, don't worry. Everything is proceeding in right timing and we're all in this process together, all learning to adjust ourselves to higher frequencies of awareness being the norm. We're shifting from a world where we learned to use cleverness and will power to bridge imagined gaps between ourselves and others — and to what we want — to a world where there are no bridges to cross, where love, support, easy materialization of results, and freedom are readily at hand.

Your Highest Frequency Can Be Normal
I absolutely know that you can, under your own steam, dissolve the shell that separates you from a higher experience of Self and a much better life. You don't need gurus or to be catapulted into super-natural experiences by dramatic events — you are becoming such a high-frequency being right here in your physical body that what used to be meta-physical, trans-personal, and para-normal is now almost ordinary. Some missing pieces of the big picture are making their way into your consciousness now — and this new understanding is facilitating the "tipping point" into the Intuition Age for all of us.

Many people I talk to are close to understanding that we've never left Home — the "heaven" experience — while at the same time we've been having the most amazing, captivating Dream, called "life on earth." To fully wake up from the dream, you'll need an everyday experience of soul, of your own highest frequency state, that you accept as normal. That experience is, among other things, one of empathy and compassion, where high-quality feeling shoots you straight through and beyond the seduction of suffering, the limitations of logic, and the fuzzy hypnosis of the world. You have to feel lovable, loved, and loving — in your very cells — before you can grasp the truth of your enlightened identity, know oneness, and settle in to an expanded way of living. Being consciously sensitive to the subtle information encoded in energy frequencies will put you on the fast track to experiencing this saturated state of certainty about love and soul.

To discover the information and experience stored in our most refined vibrations, we are experiencing an evolutionary movement down and into our bodies. Yet because we encounter emotion when doing this, and emotion can catalyze confusion, resistance, and panic as well as lift us into a sublime mystical swoon, we tend to avoid it. By avoiding emotion we create a blank spot where we don't experience our full self. I wrote Frequency to help you melt through the last barriers to awakening fully and actually feeling the experience of the expanded self that will be your normal state in the Intuition Age.

Other Excerpts

"There's a Good Reason You Feel Excited and Pressured: If you are to fully understand the emerging energy reality with its high frequency and unlimited perception, it helps to know there's a good reason why you may feel shaken up, ultrasensitive, or rudderless. The reality of the Intuition Age will be the result of a gradual, but fairly rapid, process of personal and societal transformation. It can put you through the wringer emotionally and energetically, but will eventually deliver you to an amazing destination you'll love. And, yes — there is a roadmap to help you get there. Understanding the transformation process as a whole is crucial if you don't want to jump from one popular trend in thinking to the latest energy technique, while missing key components that can make your experience smoother, faster, and more cohesive.

"For years now, in the worlds of physics, business, spirituality, and even politics, we've heard about the paradigm shift, quantum leap, new world order, tipping point, new age, and holographic reality. Even Star Wars gave us a powerful image of the "jump to hyperspace." Thomas Kuhn popularized the concept of paradigm shift in 1962, defining evolution as a "series of peaceful interludes punctuated by intellectually violent revolutions," within which "one conceptual world view is replaced by another." So basically, a paradigm shift implies a change in the way we think about life that results in a behavior change. Remember how agriculture changed the primitive hunter-gatherer society, or the printing press freed us from church domination and the Dark Ages, or personal computers and the internet helped us shift from being isolated and local to being interconnected, global citizens? As significant as these developments were, they are within the realm of change. I believe what's happening today is more than change; we are living in a time of transformation."

"Sensing Waves and Sorting Vibrations Is the Next Big Skill Set: As you become more sensitive, you may be starting to feel fields of electricity and magnetism, or to discriminate new disturbing or soothing energies, or to notice that the stranger next to you is about to get married or is developing an illness. What's more, you may be receiving this information directly from the frequencies, no radio required. This heightened, direct sensitivity is a fairly new ability that's surfacing these days — with no prior preparation or training. It can be disorienting when you realize you're beginning to know things you didn't know you could know, and you don't really know how you're doing it.

"In the near future, you're going to be able to sense many more subtle influences in your life. You'll feel the fields of vibration you enter and leave, know what's healthy and unhealthy, and know when other people are on their game or off. You'll feel when an "event wave" begins to impact you before the event happens, and when a wave of energy is changing to a new frequency and you need to adapt to stay attuned. Your body will tell you when something isn't going to work, when guidance is knocking on the door to come in, or when problems arise at a distance and others need help. With heightened sensitivity, you'll be able to sort vibrations coming from many sources to know which is true and actionable, and radiate intentional vibrations to achieve specific goals.

"You may already do many of these things without consciously realizing it, but working intentionally, in a detailed way, with the principles of waves, cycles, spectrums, and fields is going to be a big part of your new skill set. Part of this will be developing your capacity to sense what energy is doing and being fluid enough to adapt to changing flows and rhythms without losing your center."

"A New Kind of Vibrational Problem-Solving Can Make Your Life Easier: Seeing yourself as vibrational and working with frequency principles changes the way you arrive at solutions, plans, and goals. In this new way of finding answers, you make decisions based on the soul's criteria, not the ego's, and no longer define situations merely as good-advantageous or bad-problematic. In the old way of solving problems, we isolated a problem, stopped the flow, and focused all our attention on making it change into something we liked better. We gathered data and opinions, analyzed it all, projected the data into the future, chose and implemented our answer, then ticked the problem off our list. Done! On to the next one. The old way of thinking about setting goals and making plans involved getting a vision — sometimes inspired, sometimes a smart extension of another idea — and analyzing the steps that needed to be taken to make it happen. Then we stuck to that plan through thick and thin, using mental prowess and will to power through the problems along the way.

"Once your awareness has opened in the transformation process, you see everyone and everything as inside you, in the moment, connected, and cooperative. Answers are right there, resources appear as you need them, and you see how life is always moving you toward something better. Problems transform from something that stops your attention to something that shifts your attention to a new view. In the Intuition Age, solving problems means consulting with the energy flow and the collective consciousness to see what wants to happen next. Making decisions means choosing what resonates with your home frequency and that of your relationships and group involvements. Goals, plans, and strategies aren't carved in stone but are part of an organic, constantly evolving holographic movie that you must stay in tune with. To plan, you attune to higher frequency energy flows and merge with more complex fields, then notice what wants to happen in the expanded space. The criteria for finding upscale solutions — those that resonate at higher frequencies — becomes much more about whether a result frees the flow of soul, works in harmony with frequency principles, and produces experiences that are not just win-win for two sides, but win-win-win — benefiting everyone involved."


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