"We're leaving the Information Age," says Penney Peirce, one of the world's leading experts on intuition and sensitivity development, "and entering the Intuition Age. That means our perception is shifting and the rules of the way life functions are changing. It is only by becoming skillful with intuition and mastering the art of working with the "frequency principles" that govern energy and awareness, that you'll be truly successful in our lightning fast new world."

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"With humility, skill, compassion, and generosity, Penney Peirce shares her process
for recognizing, comprehending, navigating, and synthesizing profound
spiritual awareness with our intimate, tangible humanity—and just in time
to facilitate our transformation here at the dawn of the Age of Intuition!"
Linda Howe, author of Healing Through the Akashic Records

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Announcing the 4th Book in Penney's Transformation Series!


Penney's eagerly awaited new book launches October 10, 2017! TRANSPARENCY: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity
is available for pre-order now on amazon and B&N!
Read all about it here. Download the 2pp descriptive flyer.
Download the 1-pg description.
Jenny Blake, gifted author of Pivot, wrote a beautiful foreword.

And More. . .

Don't miss The Intution Intensive, a 3-day workshop in Copenhagen, DK designed to develop, refresh, and sharpen your intutive skills; August 18-20. Penney is also doing a limited number of private sessions Aug 14-17, 22. Download the 2pp flyer.

The new paperback edition of LEAP OF PERCEPTION: THE TRANSFORMING POWER OF YOUR ATTENTION is now available everywhere! This book won 2 awards for the best Science and Cosmology book and best Alternative Science & Spirituality Book.

Listen to Penney and Laure Redmond's 3 interviews on Feel Good Naked: 1) The Power of Intuition, 2) The Power of Your Personal Vibration, and 3) Find Your Home Frequency

Listen to Penney and Jenny Blake's 3 podcasts at pivotmethod.com: 1) Intuition and Frequency, 2) Dreams, and 3) Navigating a Non-Linear Universe; Also avvailable on my Soundcloud page.

Read Penney's Editorial: Intuition and Politics: Seeing through the Smokescreen of Spin

Free pdf! If you're wondering in which book you saw a particular exercise, you can find it now with a master list of all the exercises, by chapter, in each of Penney's Transformation Trilogy books: The Intuitive Way, Frequency, and Leap of Perception.

See the Calendar page for upcoming events, interviews, podcasts, and conferences.

An eBook Series of Editorials, Essays, and Insights
Focused on Timely Themes

Bits & Pieces 1, 2, 3

Penney has been one of my longtime teachers and I have loved all her writings. But these are different in that Penney shares things in a more personal way and we get to see how she navigates life and the feelings it stirs up. For me this was like having somebody model how to move through all sorts of things while thinking new thoughts and shifting all the paradigms that Penney's teaches in her other works. I read these books quickly and it was deeply satisfying, particularly during a big transition in my life.
Lisa C. Briggs, Founder of The Intuitive Body


Bits & Pieces 1
Thoughts on Emotion, Ending Struggle, and Living with the "Big Dark Hidden"

Kindle, Nook, and iPad


Bits & Pieces 2

Thoughts on the Feminine, the Flow, Presence, and Becoming the World

Kindle, Nook, and iPad

Bits & Pieces 3

Thoughts on Coming Trends in Education, Politics, Business, and World Events

Kindle, Nook, and iPad

eBook Editions of Penney's Out-of-Print Books

The Present Moment
A Daybook of Clarity & Intuition

PresentMoment eBook

for Kindle, Nook, and iPad • $9.99

Penney's book is a fine guide to stepping into the river of life's daily experiences and coming out changed. Intriguing stories provide models for exploring the layers in our own days' stories. The journaling exercises she offers extend the experience by sparking deeper investigation, reminding us to stay present and find intuitive meaning and inspirational opportunities in each day’s richness. Decades of counseling experience shine through Penney's fluid, generous, intelligent writing style. This long-admired book stands the test of time.
Susie Surtees, Designer/Writer/Artist,
Ballarat, Australia

Be the Dreamer
Not the Dream
A Guide to 24-Hour Consciousness


for Kindle, Nook, and iPad • $9.99

Illustrated with original paintings by
well-known Norwegian artist Peter Esdaile

Be the Dreamer Not the Dream is a real standout among dream guides. Penney Peirce provides a thorough and easy-to-follow program that will take you to the heart of your dreams. Under her expert guidance, you will not only understand the messages in your dreams, but also be able to use them as tools for self-improvement and self-empowerment.
Rosemary Ellen Guiley,
Author of Dreamwork for the Soul

The 3rd Book in Penney's Transformation Series

Winner of the 2014 COVR Visionary Awards for
Book of the Year
and Best Alternative Science & Spirituality Book
Winner of the 2014 Silver Nautilus Book Award for Science/Cosmology

The Transforming Power of Your Attention
Foreword by Martha Beck, PhD

Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, and Audiobook

Read more about LEAP | Read the Reviews


What is the perception of the future? And how do we get there now?” Peirce focuses on these questions, less intent on how people might view the future and more concerned with exploring how people will use perceptual processes in an evolving world. This final book in Peirce’s transformation trilogy is a timely model for intuition development in accelerated times. She offers a coherent and practical guide to understanding and navigating the stages, symptoms, and processes of transforming perception so that people come to understand “how everything is made of consciousness-and-energy, how everything vibrates at varying frequencies, and how the physical and nonphysical worlds are really one unified field.” To transform your perceptual process is simply to make it more conscious, she argues—and this is as easy as focusing attention differently, a process the author clearly lays out. Peirce satisfyingly distills a complex subject into approachable reading, providing numerous “Try This!” exercises that allow the reader to absorb the book’s content through both left- and right-brain knowing.

The 2nd Book in Penney's Transformation Series

Winner of the 2010 COVR Visionary Award
1st Runner Up for Best Alternative Science & Spirituality Book

The Power of Personal Vibration
Foreword by Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, and Audiobook

Read more about FREQUENCY
| Read the Reviews

Get the free audio companion downloads

In Frequency, Penney Peirce, a pioneer in the field of intuition development, leads us into new territory, exploring the dynamics of energy, personal resonance, and our accelerating ultrasensitivity. A simple shift in frequency is often all it takes to change depression to peace, fear to enthusiasm, and snagged situations to magical results.

Because science has long taught us to rely on what we can see and touch, we often don't notice that our spirit, thoughts, emotions, and body are all made of energy. Everything is vibrating. In fact, each of us has a personal vibration that communicates who we are to the world and helps shape our reality.

In Frequency, Penney shows you how to feel your personal vibration and work with energy to transform your life. By learning to find your "home frequency" — the highest, most natural personal vibration you can attain — you can maximize clarity, minimize struggle, and discover new talents and capacities. Frequency shows you how to manage your energy "state" so you can stay on track with your destiny — and reap the benefits of the life you're truly built for.

Many independent indicators tell us we are about to experience a rapid transition to a new world — an evolutionary jump of profound proportions that will change the essential nature of who we are and how we understand reality. This extraordinary, practical book is no less than a personal primer for becoming the new human being who will cocreate the new world. Transcending the coming chaos is possible with the toolset you will find here. This book is an unprecedented gift for the person who is ready to evolve.

John L. Petersen
, Founder, The Arlington Institute and Author of A Vision for 2012: Planning for Extraordinary Change

In this potent and evocative exploration of the new art and science of frequency dynamics, Peirce brings profound knowledge and speculation that inspires as it excites. If applied across many disciplines, it provides a basis for new ways of being and doing, health and creativity.

Jean Houston
, PhD, Author of Jump Time and A Passion for the Possible

The 1st Book in Penney's Transformation Series
The Classic on Intuition Development!

The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness
Foreword by Carol Adrienne, PhD

Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, and Audiobook

Read more about THE INTUITIVE WAY | Read the Reviews

IWay3CovThe Intuitive Way is considered by many to be the best book on the intuition development process. It is for people in all walks of life who want to trust their inner knowing to guide their actions, stay on purpose, and inspire them to new heights. With active intuition, life takes on a magical, effortless quality; your world is full of instantaneous answers, synchronicities, creative insights, and abundant knowledge — just for the asking. The Intuitive Way shows you how to enter this state of perceptual aliveness, access reliable intuition, and integrate it into daily life for greater success.

In this easy-to-understand course, Penney Peirce's well-respected work is distilled into a 10-week process. Here, in simple and direct language, Peirce fully describes the intuitive process as a new way of life, demonstrating dozens of practical applications, from speeding decision-making to expanding spiritual growth. The Intuitive Way has been published in over 20 languages.

There's never been a book like The Intuitive Way! Comprehensive, easy and entertaining to read, the author's no-nonsense approach inspires and instructs as no previous book on intuitive development has ever done. Bravo! It is high integrity books such as this that bring real value to the important but controversial subject of intuition. I am pleased that this gifted and highly esteemed intuitive would make this material so accessible to us all.

Hal Zina Bennett, PhD, Author of Write From the Heart

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Penney's Work Focuses On:

Intuition & Perception

The intuitive process is really a way of living, a way of aligning with what's truly real. Here are 4 facts about intuition: (1) With intuition, you know what you need to know, right when you need to know it. (2) When you look at the world intuitively, the question and answer exist together and arise in the same instant. (3) Intuition cuts through the normal limitations of time and space. (4) With intuition you learn that the process, not necessarily the answers, is the important thing.

To be successful in our personal lives, we must streamline the way we process information, make healthy decisions that keep our hearts open, maximize our energy and time, and find work that flows from our soul.

To stay on the leading edge of business, we must understand the hidden dynamics underlying every process and outcome, as well as spot emerging trends, gauge right timing and action, set priorities faster, and make "win-win-win" decisions.

Intuition reduces needless friction and resistance. It's easy to know things and knowing so much, so fast, speeds the creation process; innovative ideas slide into manifestation.

When you trust intuition, positive energy pours through and changes you forever — for the better. Active intuition can shortcut healing and therapeutic processes by revealing your soul and destiny.

Frequency & Transformation

We're becoming increasingly aware of internal and external energy, its qualities, and the principles by which it functions — frequency, vibration, resonance, waves, oscillation, cycles, octaves, and spectrums. We're discovering that these concepts are at the heart of the newest techniques for knowing, doing, and having everything.

Your personal vibration — the frequency of energy you hold moment by moment in your body, emotions, and mind — is the most important tool you have for creating and living your ideal life. If your energy frequency is high, fast, and clear, life unfolds effortlessly and in alignment with your destiny, while a lower, slower, more distorted frequency begets a life of snags and disappointments.

Here are three key things to understand now: (1) you are being affected by an evolutionary process that moves through specific stages, which is causing the energetic frequency of your body, emotions, and mind to accelerate, (2) because the rising frequency of your energy parallels your level of awareness, you are gradually becoming more aware, sensitive, visionary, empathic, and loving, and (3) the biggest challenge of the next few years will be working with your sensitivity, keeping your personal vibration clear, and learning to use "frequency principles" to live successfully in the coming times.

Dreams & Imagination

What’s in that unused 90 percent of our brain? It is no doubt intuition, imagination, and multidimensional awareness that occupy most of our consciousness. Logic is a very small part. Dreaming is the bulk of what we do, whether we're awake or asleep.

The dream world is not separate from the waking world; they are simply extensions of one another. Everything we do in the dream world is real; it’s just happening at other dimensions of our awareness. It’s absolutely normal for our awareness to move in and out through all the dimensions, both by day and night. What we do in our dreams, we are also doing in our waking world; the two realms are mutually supportive and cocreative.

There's no such thing as a bad dream! Every dream is an opportunity to learn something about yourself. You're less inhibited at night and exert much less control over yourself than you do during waking reality. So dreams can help you explore and clear subconscious blocks. Every dream occurs in service to your soul's fuller, more authentic presence in your life.

You may be interested in dreams casually, but not quite understand the real power they hold. By learning more about your dream world, you can harness your dreams to increase creativity, solve problems, find purposeful action, and obtain accurate personal guidance. By becoming familiar with the principles of dreaming you'll discover that your options in life are limitless.

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