Work Privately with Penney

Availability & Time Zones
Penney lives in Florida and is generally available for private sessions between 10am and 6pm Eastern Time, and sometimes on weekends. Pplease be clear about the differences in time zones!! Penney is in Florida in the Eastern Time Zone. Find time zone differences: www.thetimenow.com/meeting-planner.php

Special arrangements can be made for foreign sessions where difficult time zone differences must be accommodated.

How to Make an Appointment
Click on the link to the scheduling page, below. Please do this, even if you're applying for a followup session.

Print the Logistics Summary Sheet

Pay in Advance
You may pay through our scheduling page using a variety of methods.
We need prepayment before we send your numerology chart, which is used in the session. Due to cross border fees, we have slightly higher rates for international sessions. Recording is included in the cost. We do not provide invoices or receipts.

60-minute phone consultation
in-person consultation
30-minute followup

Visit Our Scheduling Page
Find a date and time that work for you on our online appointment calendar.
Pay through the booking site as well.

Here's What You Need to Know

Before Your Session
Print the Action Cycles and Personality Traits pdfs listed in the righthand margin, as references for the numerology part of your reading.
You may want to refer to them later.

Penney will send your numerology chart via email before your appointment, after payment is received. Organize some questions and think about what issues you want to look at. Be able to describe an overview of "what's up." Please do not send questions to Penney in advance!

At the Time of Your Session
You may contact Penney by telephone or Skype. If by phone, please call Penney at the appointed time and use a phone you can talk directly into so Penney can make a clear connection with your voice. No speaker phones, please! This is also so you get a good recording.

If you prefer to use Skype, let Penney know your ID on the application form and we will initiate the contact. Please use earbuds with an inline mic, or a good headset, to help with the sound quality and eliminate echo.

During the session, please be in a quiet spot where you can concentrate, without barking dogs, ringing phones, blowing wind, etc. Please do not be driving or multi-tasking!

Recording Your Session

We record your session since it often includes details, or even specific phrases, that make more sense later. We record all sessions in mp3 format. You may record your own session if you have the equipment. If you come in person, you may want to bring a laptop or thumb drive, so we can transfer the audio file directly. We send your file to you by email using www.wetransfer.com.
Please download your file immediately as the link will only be good for one week. We do not burn CDs or make transcripts.

Lateness, No-Shows, Cancellations, Rescheduling
Courtesy is appreciated! Penney will wait for you for 10 minutes before canceling your session, unless you call in advance to see if the appointment can be pushed back slightly. If you are later than that, you'll need to reschedule. You may reschedule by giving 24 hours notice. We do not give refunds.

Individual Consultations
Your first consultation with Penney can be in person or by phone. Initial sessions are 60 minutes by phone, or 90 minutes in person. After that, you may schedule followup sessions of 30 minutes, by phone, for up to two years. After that another 60-minute session is necessary.

• IN PERSON: Individual consultations are available at Penney's office in Florida, wherever Penney travels, or at your home or office by special arrangement. All in-person consultations are 90 minutes.

• BY TELEPHONE or SKYPE: Initial phone consultations are 60 minutes.

All coaching is by phone or Skype. You buy a package of four 30-minute sessions, which can be used whenever you want over a 6-month period. They are billed at the same rate as the 30-minute consultations.

Free Downloads
There is more helpful information in our free downloads, listed to the right.

Working with a skilled intuitive can
add more depth and dimension to everything you do.


Before your session print these 2 pdfs:

Action Cycles
Personality Traits

Free pdfs

Working with a Professional Intuitive: What's Possible to Know?
The Ethics & Proper Context for Intuitive Consulting
Intuitive Consultation Question Organizer
Logistics Summary Sheet