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The Intuitive Way: The Definitive Guide to Increasing Your Awareness

There's never been a book like The Intuitive Way! Comprehensive, easy and entertaining to read, the author's no-nonsense approach inspires and instructs as no previous book on intuitive development has ever done. Bravo! It is high integrity books such as this that bring real value to the important but controversial subject of intuition. I am pleased that this gifted and highly esteemed intuitive would make this material so accessible to us all.

Hal Zina Bennett, PhD, Author of Write From the Heart

This is an honest book. Peirce clearly owns a broad knowledge of the world's philosophies and uses this knowledge to direct the reader into a deeper connection with her own body, soul, and the environment around her. The Intuitive Way is dense with wisdom up to its final words.

Tina Welling, Jackson, WY

From the Midwest Book Review
Now in a new expanded edition, The Intuitive Way: The Definitive Guide To Increasing Your Awareness is a straightforward guide to tapping into one's inner knowledge. In the Information Age, where every avenue is packed with more knowledge than any one human being could possibly learn, being able to stay aligned with one's inner wisdom is more critical than ever to survive amid environmental demands of lightning-fast reaction and judgment. Chapters address how to unlock the secrets of one's subconscious mind, become aware of the invisible, harness the power of dreams and imagination, apply the power of intuition to everyday life, and much more. A valuable and insightful self-help resource, especially for those who put too little faith in their own natural wisdom.

From The Bodhi Tree Review of Books, Los Angeles
Don't mistake this book for another general explanation of how intuition can help you in life. This is a hands-on workbook that requires effort and dedication, which will yield tangible results in developing your own intuitive ability. It would be hard to imagine a more thorough, cleanly structured and encouraging book on the subject. Peirce writes with integrity and clarity. She believes in everyone's ability to develop intuition and to bring real value into every aspect of life. She covers all the ways we sabotage ourselves with doubt; how we recognize the "real thing"; and how we use the information we begin to receive. This is an excellent guide for anyone willing to follow through and do the work.

I'm writing to express my deep appreciation for The Intuitive Way. I found that your book and How to Be, Do, and Have Everything by Lawrence Boldt, are the two essential books to have if one wants to truly make changes in their life. Your book is not only practical and instructive, but spiritually wise as well. I hope that those looking for self-realization will find your book. One quick glance inside should convince anyone of its great worth.

Neil Gilchrist, Vancouver, BC

From Intuition Magazine, by Michael Davis
This book is a step-by-step guide to developing greater sensitivity to the wisdom of the body and the spirit by a popular lecturer, counselor, and trainer whose work was featured in The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide. The Intuitive Way offers the reader extensive opportunities for experiential exploration. Peirce advises spending an hour a day on the course she outlines and taking at least a week to digest each of the book's ten chapters. In addition to having readers do the many exercises provided, she encourages them to keep a journal (or "intuition diary") during the process and to engage in "direct writing" ("letting a stream of words emerge without censorship") in response to a series of questions at the end of each chapter.

The chapters trace out a natural process of intuition development, which the author has discovered through her own inward journey and her work with numerous clients and students. This progression moves from recognizing the voice of intuition to removing cognitive and emotional impediments to it. The process includes learning to pay more attention to the body and its subtIe signals, acquiring techniques for becoming more receptive, and finding ways to make intuition useful in daily life. This can be accomplished by working more consciously with dreams, improving communication skills, and applying intuitively derived information to decision-making, healing, and creative endeavors.

The author is a sympathetic, encouraging, and knowledgeable guide throughout. She warns of pitfalls ("As you progress through the chapters and ask for more truth, more love, more reality, everything that is not true for you anymore, everything that has outgrown its usefulness, everything that is illusory, will rise from your deep subconscious to the surface of your conscious mind") but keeps the reader focused on the goal-learning to "slow down, be present, and pay attention to the amazingly wise process of your experience," to "develop a positive, life-enhancing attitude," and to "stay in touch with your life purpose and lessons."

Merely to pick this book up and read it cover to cover would be to miss its purpose. It is a workbook, meant to be underlined and written in, dog-eared and bookmarked, and returned to at intervals again and again. Clearly, Peirce has distilled many years of experimentation and insight into these pages, and readers who apply themselves enthusiastically to the journey she lays before them will find themselves deeply enriched by the experience.

One thousand thanks for your book! I am a student of Vipassana (insight) meditation and your work has clarified, affirmed, and reinforced my meditation practice. Moreover, The Intuitive Way has advanced my practice to higher levels with uncharacteristic speed.

Michael Sugere

From New Texas Magazine, by Lynne Thompson
Peirce reveals that anyone can learn to live intuitively—not everyone, even Peirce, was born with some special gift. Peirce is convinced that living intuitively doesn't mean you're psychic, but that we all can cultivate our special gifts and, in doing so, connect more solidly with the universal mind. Peirce is also convinced that learning to live intuitively will help each and every one of us tap the 90 percent of our brains that lie sleeping.

The reader is encouraged to relax into this whole process for Peirce knows that, if the reader has picked up The Intuitive Way, the time is then right for the individual to learn. Peirce has been an intuitive coach for more than 20 years to thousands of individuals and a variety of businesses across the globe. She states, "Intuition is a way of perceiving that unifies the body, mind, and soul-thus giving you greater clarity and authenticity. It's an easier, more enjoyable way to live and know just what you need to know, just when you need to know it." The Intuitive Way is divided into three main parts:
1) Creating a Clear Lens—how intuition is already functioning in your life. This phase teaches you how to create and maintain mental clarity.
2) Accessing Subtle Information—how to master the art of subtle perception. You will learn to maximize sensitivity to more subtle information and how to interpret nonverbal, sensory information.
3) Making Intuition Useful—how to apply intuition in your daily life. You'll learn practical applications of intuition that speed decision-making, improve communication, enhance creativity, and help you manifest what you need.

The Intuitive Way is filled with exercises designed to increase your ability to recognize and maximize intuition's rich benefits in your life. Peirce encourages, "You absolutely can trust yourself and what your mind makes you notice. There's a good reason for everything that happens to you and, as you develop the ability to understand these things, you will fall deeply in love with yourself. Then, as a result you will love and understand others and the world. And that's an infinitely more entertaining and satisfying way to live."

In reading The Intuitive Way, you will be given the kind of nourishment that feeds your soul and asks you to trust yourself and take the unknown path. I can think of no better teacher for this material than Penney Peirce.

Carol Adrienne, PhD, Author of The Purpose of Your Life and Co-Author of The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide

From The Seattle New Times, by Kate Lin
Most of us would be interested in enhancing our intuitive abilities if we knew how. Intuition can give us greater clarity on what actions to take and can give insight into the puzzles in our lives. Penney Peirce has written a handbook, The Intuitive Way, which leads us through the process of getting more in touch with our intuitive process. In the first part of the book, she writes of achieving mental clarity. We are taught about getting in touch with subconscious blocks, getting in synch with our soul's creative flow, and understanding the power of our thoughts and our worldview. The second part of the book focuses on accessing subtle information. The author discusses how to get more in touch with our body, how to unite body, mind, and spirit, and how to interpret our body's messages. The third part of the book focuses on using our intuition in our everyday lives. We are given information about receiving guidance from our dreams and from our soul, manifesting what we need, healing ourselves, improving our creativity, arid improving our decision-making abilities.

Every chapter contains a variety of exercises to help you get more in touch with your intuition. One example would be to ask a question of someone who intrigues you, and then write about what insights his or her answer might have triggered. Each chapter also contains questions to be used as a focal point for "direct writing." In direct writing, you allow a stream of words to spontaneously emerge. This process allows you to access deeper parts of yourself. An example of a direct writing question might be, "What do I need to understand about the time I failed to achieve what I thought I wanted?" Peirce encourages the reader to keep a journal and to spend an hour a day doing the exercises in the book.

She recommends covering no more than one chapter a week so that you can get in touch with unconscious resistance and do the necessary groundwork. As much as possible, I tried to spend an hour every day doing the exercises and the direct writing. I actually progressed a little faster through the book than recommended (I averaged more than one chapter a week) because I found the concepts so enticing. I discovered that I was able to gain some clarity around various Issues. I found it especially interesting that I was able to dialogue with my subconscious to uncover what's at the core of some of my subconscious blocks. As a result of doing the exercises and reading the book. I feel like I'm at the beginning of my journey of enhancing my intuitive abilities and that I have been initiated into a new way of looking at things.

The Intuitive Way is full of gems of wisdom and useful suggestions for enhancing our intuitive process and gaining clarity about our lives. The reader is encouraged to stretch beyond his or her current patterns in order to learn about new ways of viewing the world and accessing information. This is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to increase his or her sense of self-trust and inner knowing.

By the way, I think my favorite chapter of your Intuitive Way is the chapter "Hearing Your Body Talk." It helped me so much, and the information also helped me help others as I teach in Eastern Europe.

Sandra Mussey, Kentfield, CA

I love Penney's work. Whenever I feel unclear or unfocused, I only have to open the pages of The Intuitive Way and I relax.

Jasjit Rai, Vancouver, Canada

The Intuitive Way is the best book I have read on the phenomenon of intuition. One main reason is Penney's presentation of intuition in the context of evolving consciousness. It is parallel to Ken Wilber's concept of consciousness evolving in three stages. For many years, I have considered Wilber to be one of the most influential thinkers, and I was wondering whether intuition had stages parallel to those he described. At last, in the writing of Penney Peirce, I found what I was looking for. Interestingly, the second concept, which Penney and Ken also share, is the understanding of matter evolving to spirit and spirit descending and permeated in matter. I like Penney's work because she doesn't shy away from painting the complex picture. This is one of the few books I plan to refer to in the future as a comprehensive guide to developing my multidimensional intuition.

VK, Holos University Graduate Seminary, Canada

The Intuitive Way is an excellent, comprehensive book. Thus far, it has been my favorite book on developing intuition in this course. The content is very well organized, giving me the sense of following a process that will lead inevitably to increased intuitive ability. The concepts flow together as a bright unfolding of a new way of seeing the world that cherishes the spiritual aspects of our nature and unifies our lives as manifestations of our soul. Peirce maintains a beautifully optimistic and helpful tone throughout the book. She has a mastery of language that encourages learning and she is neither too "airy-fairy," nor too dry. I did, and enjoyed, many of the good visualization exercises while reading. As well, her Direct Writing Questions at the end of each chapter were very insightful. Overall, I think I will incorporate many of the exercises as just common practice in my life. It seems that this whole-brain way of living, with love and soul in control as opposed to fear and ego, seems to be a more fulfilling way to live in general.

DF, Holos University Graduate Seminary, Canada

What Business People Are Saying:

This book fills a crucial gap in the training of most business people. What Steven Covey did for principle-centered behavior, Penney Peirce does for intuition. Here is a practical guide for using the power and clarity of intuition in the overly analytical workplace.

Bill Bardallis, Management Consultant, Deloitte & Touche, Denver, CO

In the business environment, employees are often asked to analyze facts but rarely taught how to use their instinctive ability or insight in the analysis. Penney Peirce's intriguing book, The Intuitive Way, is filled with many practical exercises that will enhance an employee's sense of knowing and help apply their knowledge to what would work best for their organization. By using the revealing processes offered, I have been able to get in touch with my inner vision and knowledge more quickly, with profound results. I highly recommend this book for those who want to improve their business decision-making process.

Cynthia Schmidt, Marketing Consultant and Co-Founder of Prism Solutions, Los Altos, CA

As a successful entrepreneur, I'm aware of the importance of intuition. Peirce's book is unique, straight-forward, and hits the mark for readability and usability. By applying her techniques, my mangement style has become more fluid, my decision-making process is more well-rounded and effective, and communications with coworkers have improved. The Intuitive Way is a wonderful piece of work!

Mark Bryant, Founder of CPX, Major Freight Systems, Fidelity Consulting and
Author of Hidden Assets

The Intuitive Way is a very effective tool to guide you to the only place where you can receive answers from that still, small voice inside. It's your own power tool.

Wally Amos, Founder of Uncle Noname Cookie Company and
Author of Watermelon Magic: Seeds of Wisdom, Slices of Life

The tools and techniques presented in The Intuitive Way are the perfect complement to traditional management performance development courses. Using both intuition and logic creates results that far exceed individual and corporate goals. The exercises Peirce provides are simple, yet powerful, and would enhance any training program.

Laura Ziegler, Corporate Training Consultant, Palo Alto, CA

In a fast-changing business environment where there is less time and a glut of information, Peirce's book gives practical techniques for gaining a competitive edge. The Intuitive Way has given me insights into creating, implementing, and evaluating strategic plans so my clients can stay on course in a daily fashion. In addition, gaining a more subtle awareness of the hidden factors affecting business is critical for making better decisions and achieving better results. The Intuitive Way is helping me know where the market is going—not just where it's been.

Cameron Hogan, Management Consultant, Touchstone, and Beyond the Box, Baltimore, MD



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