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In my first session with Penney, I was amazed at her deep insight and the kind of information she can tap into—both for me personally and for my work. During that first year my life exactly followed the blueprint she laid out for me. While I have always been a seeker of truth and knowledge, my inner search has become rather intensive during the last few years. Since our first meeting I have maintained contact with Penney and see her whenever she is in Baltimore.

In my work as a researcher, I have been trying to formulate an understanding of the relationship between information, physical, subtle, and spiritual energies. My interactions with Penney led me to pursue directions that have been very fruitful, avoiding several blind alleys. She clearly told me how some of these things may work, and in pursuing it, I found her information to be right on target. Clearly it is her divine gift that provides her with the ability to access such information and her ability to communicate articulately that conveys the knowledge so precisely, and makes it so useful to us.

Ashok K. Agrawala, Prof. of Computer Science and
Director, The MIND Lab, University of Maryland, Baltimore

I have used Penney's guidance professionally in my capacity as senior Computer Scientist at the National Bureau of Standards, and later as System Security Engineering Manager for the Strategic Defense Initiative National Test Bed. She has consistently shown the ability to cut through to the heart of issues presented to her, to synthesize a large number of discrete facts, identify trends and assist clients to position themselves to take maximum advantage of what is likely to be happening. I have never been disappointed with her advice and have recommended her to numerous people over the years.

Eugene F. Troy, Computer Security Division,
National Institute of Standards and Technology, Washington, DC

I first learned of Penney through her excellent The Intuitive Way. The impact of this classic prompted me to track her down and ask for a reading, because I knew from her thorough and inspiring book that she was for real. Also, she instinctively understood the importance of business innovation for an entrepreneur like myself. Those sessions with Penney not only clarified my path but probed the future and where my skills and passion should and would take me into new challenges, namely film and television, my first love.

Then I experienced several of her workshops, a combination of practical intuition and blowing the windows out with guided meditation, so you could see beyond the horizon and take on a whole new perspective. Penney has helped me tremendously with my life and work, or you might say my life’s work.

Robert Miss, Founder, Resource Development Counsel, Dobbs Ferry, NY

I highly recommend Penney Peirce as a consultant in the areas of organizational and professional/managerial development. She has accurately advised me innumerable times on the behavioral trends a client organization appears to be following. While I am an expert on analyzing what is observable in ordinary reality and what those patterns tell, Penney's observations are on a deeper (or is it higher?) plane. Her readings on clients and prospective clients have enabled me to more profitably allocate my time and zero in on previously unacknowledged belief patterns that were impeding a group's progress on a project. With regards to her readings on my own professional development, I have found she has an absolutely uncanny ability to discern deeper issues that need to be resolved before I can successfully implement something new.

Sylvia Wynn Lindeman, MBA, Organizational Development Consulant, Vallejo, CA

The highly creative and intuitive business insights Penney has shared with me have truly been empowering. She helped me understand that my professional focus was not aligned with my inner purpose, and was then instrumental in helping me identify and clarify my life purpose and goals within a new, compatible business enterprise. A large measure of the courage it took for me to develop my new business venture can be attributed to the inspiration I received from Penney. While her intuitive insights have always been clarifying, it was of utmost importance to me that they were provided in a warm and supportive manner with the greatest of integrity.

Chuck Wilhelm, President, Wilhelm & Associates,
Creative & Environmental Management Consulting, San Jose, CA

Penney Peirce is a gifted business consultant and intuitive counselor who consistently provides insightful assessments, sage advice, and practical solutions to vexing business problems and personal challenges. Penney's gifts of deep insight, her cross-cultural business consulting acumen, and her warm presence make her consultancies and readings uniquely valuable and transformative. Penney recently worked in Japan and South Africa where she consulted and conducted workshops on Intuition as a Leadership Tool and what she's shared with me of this material is utterly fascinating.

Jim White, President, Next Level Consulting and Training, Baltimore, MD

In connection with the operation of my business, I have consulted with Penney many times and highly recommend her. Her responses to specific questions helped clarify my own thoughts and helped me reach decisions quickly and comfortably. In addition, her intuitive insight into my own personal dynamics as connected to my business made me aware of issues I had not previously seen. As a result, new ideas were created and a much greater clarity about future direction was developed.

Warren Wertheimer, President, Rolling Hills Club and Motivational Speaker, Novato, CA

As a customer service consultant, trainer, and speaker to corporations and associations, Penney’s one-on-one sessions for me, as well as her intuition trainings, have been invaluable. I have worked with her for over ten years, and the guidance I have received has helped me tremendously, both personally and professionally. I have adapted many of her outstanding concepts and insights for use in my customer service training. She is an exceptional person who has given me many tools to enhance my own perceptions and those of my corporate clients across the country.

JJ Lauderbaugh, President, Lauderbaugh Corporate Seminars, Los Gatos, CA

I’ve entered the new year with a feeling of direction after listening to our of session. I have a clearer picture now of where I want to take my business. I often play the recording in my car so when my vision for what I want for myself begins to fade, I have an instantaneous way to get back into a more positive pattern of thinking. Thanks for providing a compass to use in those moments when I feel like I might be steering off course. When I’m in my car and the recording is playing I think of it as time with my coach.

Mandy McMahan
Yoga Teacher and Photoshop/iPad Artist, Baltimore, MD

Intuitive Meeting Facilitation

Everyone I spoke with felt that (your facilitation of our meeting) was valuable. I think it was a terrific modeling of how difficult, sticky, or potentially weighty issues can be approached honestly with grace and openness. Related to this, one of the most valuable things was a reframing, or at least opening up the options, to understanding 'deep' work. There has been a definition in the group that deep work translates into intense emotionality and disclosure of woundedness. Although sometimes that may be where it goes, the balance of recognizing the true nature and destiny of each other, and finding ways to support and honor that as well, really adds valuable dimensions.

Personally, I was also grateful for the chance for (the other high level supervisor and me) to be looked at through the intuitive eyes of the group. It seemed to dissolve some of the more common (limiting) projections that have been operative. I truly thought your intuitive gifts, along with your facilitation skills, were a wonderful match for what we needed.

—Supervisor of Integrated Medicine programs for a collective of hospitals in a major urban area


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