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My initial reading with Penney was insightful, practical, and related well to my abstract way of thinking. However, my mentoring experience with her taught me a new way of thinking and being. My old way is to figure out what makes the most money in the shortest period of time and do that. Penney coached me into trusting my desires, my joy, to talk about what I'm interested in, and do what's fun. My life has dramatically changed for the better. The money's not bad either!

Susan DePue
Chartered Life Underwriter, Financial Consultant, and Business Coach, Nashville, TN

It's interesting that the burning issues I began our mentoring process with now seem irrelevant—after only two months! My life has shifted from an emphasis on anxiety about what was missing to gratitude for what is showing up in present time. Somewhere along the way, I changed my behavior from accommodating others to staking my claim. Since I've owned what I need and want, extraordinary things have happened. In all of this, I have learned not to "work the problem" so much for a solution as to trust that the next step will unfold without undue effort or control. I begin each day now with the intention of experiencing more joy and ease and I do an inventory at night. This has helped me notice an increase in synchronicity in my life.

I've also recently begun a series of 'e-Penney' online guidance sessions, and I find that this is convenient and just what I need. Rereading an e-Penney response repeatedly calms me down and I can access that part of myself that knows my truth and I stop struggling. I shift gears from fear to knowing and I grow with repeated readings.

Beth Hughes, Teacher, San Jose, CA

I mentored with Penney for two months, and it led to changes in my life that are both subtle and profound. So often when I work on spiritual issues, it's difficult to give form to an elusive process that's interfering with both my inner and outer success. This is where Penney excels. Her intelligence, intuition, and ability to connect gave me a rich experience full of tools for inner growth. Applying Penney's suggestions has helped me have more clarity in all areas of my life. I've also found a delightful joy and calm which remains with me through most chaos. I highly recommend this experience!

Liv Myers, Social Worker, Director of a Rehab Center, Baltimore, MD

About e-Penney Remote Coaching

Thank you for sending Penney-san's guidance so quickly. My understanding of myself has definitely deepened. Penney-san's answers are surprisingly specific and it is written as if she is looking directly at my heart and soul. I felt every word just RIGHT! Now I get enough confidence to step forward to my goal, without hesitations and worries I felt before.

Mikiko Osawa, Hyogo, Japan

I felt lots of love from Penney's (e-Penney) guidance, and from the translator, and I could not refrain from tears. Now I see a small light, still far away but shining gently and warmly to show me the way. I will do whatever I can to reach that light. Thank you very much.

Shigemi Tamura, Osaka, Japan

I knew my patterns as Penney-san wrote. I needed someone to push my back to choose what I feel right, instead of what I want in my mind. Though I still need some time to do it, now I feel I can. I am going to slow down as Penney-san wrote (yes, I was too impatient!) and take time to think about my future. I appreciate her advises very much!!

Yasuyo Nema, Naha, Japan


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