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There are times in life when you feel you've gone off track and you can't tell the difference between what's possible and wishful thinking. Enter Penney. She is compassionate yet objective, and has the most amazing practical insights! She showed me both the internal obstacles and external challenges I needed to overcome to have the kind of life I want. She helped me put my problems into perspective, and broke down the most daunting tasks into manageable steps. She gave me what I needed to get out of the woods, back on the path, and moving in the right direction again. I highly recommend her—she's an excellent business and personal advisor.

Carey Cress, Legal Consultant-Corporate Trainer

Before you part with your hard-earned money on a psychic, please do your research before making a final purchase. Penney Peirce of Novato is a wonderful management consultant, artist, and all-around grounded lady who is not trying to found her own religion.

Katherine Christensen (Savattra), Article in sf.broowaha.com

Thanks for your very inspiring reading. I came in a little fearful and emotional but your communication style was deeply helpful. I felt nothing but a pure desire to help a soul disentangle and move on. With that unconditional love I was able to look closely at my life and make choices that hopefully will bear fruit soon.

Anne Muldoon, Menlo Park, CA

Penney combines a rare intuitive sensitivity with clarity of expression in her teaching and counseling. She understands the spiritual energies enfolded in the planet and how they support healing and growth for the individual.

William George Roll, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Psychical Research
West Georgia College, Carrollton, GA

I have listened several times to the reading you did for me and it seems to say something different each time. I feel like I missed a lot in the moment that night. Being able to just listen and not think of the next question allowed me to really "feel" your words. As a result, I have decided to move forward professionally as you suggested. You were absolutely right on everything you said. Thank you for coming into my life at the perfect moment.

Jackie Allison, United States Naval Officer, Arlington, VA

A reading with Penney opens windows and doors, illuminates, helps me rise above the clutter/clatter/chaos. It tunes me in, clarifies my view, reaffirms the journey, states the obvious in a way I can’t always get at. It’s really a celebration. A confirmation. An adventure. I highly recommend her.

Diane Schwedner, Los Altos, CA

I have had other readings over the years, however since my first session with Penney I have never gone to anyone else. I always come away with a clearer, newer sense of myself and my life purpose. She is clear, direct, inspirational, and down-to-earth.

Sarah Imbasher, Fairfax, CA

Penney brings the tools of the ancient ones into a heart-filled place. I felt truly seen for who I am. She helped me integrate the totality of my being and bring forth new hope and understanding of my life. She's just wonderful!

Genny Wright Davis, Director of the Center for Spiritual Healing, San Francisco, CA

I experienced great compassion during my session with Penney. Her keen perception and warmth were very healing. I gained much understanding of myself followed by a tremendous release of conflict.

Susan Middough Ewell, MS
Management Trainer, Los Angeles, CA

Many sincere thanks for your time, insight, support, and warmth of person. I thoroughly enjoyed our consultation today. In a life that is easily persuaded to fall into the rigidity of habit and sameness, you have a unique ability to breathe some fresh air and "wonder" back into others' minds and feelings. Your centeredness and mindfulness were most evident during our entire conversation; yours is an immeasurable gift—one that creates meaning and wholeness in the place of fear and confusion. I give thanks for the depth of your compassion and the joy and purpose of your work.

Henry Smiley, Composer and Counselor, Mt. Juliet, TN

I pulled out a reading you made for me last year and I've been listening to it for the last 30 minutes. I wanted to tell you how AMAZINGLY accurate you are! I have had nothing but "chill bumps" the entire time I've been listening to the tape.

Randy Givens, Atlanta, GA

Penney has great integrity and a deep understanding of metaphysics. In her teaching and counseling she consistently inspires people to increase their own level of insight.

Kevin Ryerson, Trance Medium featured in Shirley MacLaine's books

Penney is exceptionally accurate, going beyond what other counselors have given me by providing specific suggestions of tools and techniques I could work with to move through problem areas. This information has made it possible for me to clear out blocks and return to the road of health and wellness. She is charming, gentle, and a gifted clairvoyant.

Mary Gottlieb, Palo Alto, CA


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