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Penney truly does live and teach from the "inspired state." She makes what is usually profound and ponderous, light, playful, and easy. I appreciate her clarity and cleanness.

Dr. Daryl Diegelman, San Jose, CA

Penney's verbal introduction to her material, her personal approach, and her facilitation skills are top quality. She has a great speaking voice, and I'd love it if she had CDs to go along with her books. The experience I had in her Opening to Destiny workshop was high voltage, in that the energy generated stayed with me for several days. It was very important to me that the predominant theme of the class is one that reinforces the realm of possibility, and that she gave us good tools I can work with to that end.

Margaret Miller, Columbia, MD

Thank you again for a terrific weekend of spiritual growth and inner discovery!!

Joyce DeWitt, Actress, Los Angeles, CA

Since I participated in your Opening to Destiny workshop at Naropa, I've been incorporating some of the techniques I learned into my work. Whenever students are pushing boundaries, I take a few deep breaths, lift my focus and energy to my heart, and imagine diamond rays of light reaching the hearts of all my students, the rest of the building, the community, and beyond. Within minutes, my classroom is more peaceful and focused. The kids are more productive and I have more energy to meet their needs. I have also used this technique when conferencing with parents, particularly with difficult situations such as a student deliberately choosing not to learn. It works wonders! It's easy to do and my students don't even know that as I am talking or listening, I'm also actively meditating. Thank you for your wonderful work!

Suzanne Girard, Boulder, CO

Your training was an excellent opening into intuitive development. As a scientist, I now understand and value the intuitive approach; my views were limited before. Thank you.

George Araki, Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Science, San Francisco State University

I was privileged to be present at one of Penney's sessions concerning future trends, in which she presented, through her intuitive guidance, an encouraging picture of the coming changes in the next decade, specifically those dealing with political, social, and environmental issues facing this country. At the heart of these issues are shifts in the collective consciousness, reflected in the outer world. Since Penney's session, I have been able to maintain an optimistic attitude that had been sorely lacking.

Judith Goldberg, Baltimore, MD

Penney's Intuitive Way workshop is superb. Warm, supportive, and invaluable in developing intuitive and creative abilities. I loved it!

Margaret Paul, PhD, Therapist and Author of Do I Have to Give Up Me to Be Loved by You?

Penney's intuition training validated what I've heard within myself, but couldn't trust. I especially liked Penney's intellectual understanding, her focused experiential approach, the exposure to a wide realm of techniques and the clarity of her presentation. She is warm, empathic, and very real. I can't imagine doing more in two days!

Kay Sandberg, Trainer, SRI International, Menlo Park, CA

As always, Penney's guided meditations are packed with power; they can be permanently transforming and delightfully insightful.

Debbie Fallon, San Jose, CA

Penney is in no way caught up in ego or control. I benefited tremendously from this training. I can take the techniques right into the workplace.

Workshop Attendee, Life Spectrums Conference, Kutztown, PA

Penney communicates intense and complicated material with direct words, lightness, and empathy. She is able to listen to questions and get to the root of the participants' issues in an instant. I feel much freer and happier than I did before the workshop. I now know I do have a purpose for this life! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the gifts I received!

Crystal Wilcox, Marketing Manager, Boulder, CO

I appreciate Penney's spontaneous manner, her thoroughness and knowledgeability, and how easy it is to relate to her. The training was a very beneficial experience because it helped me realize how accurate the information received from the superconscious really is. I now have more faith in my intuitive ability.

Janelle Robinson, Los Gatos, CA

I found Penney's information about the various "planes" of dreaming and how to interpret dreams according to these levels to be quite valuable. This was a very interesting workshop with many useful techniques.

Workshop Attendee, Tokyo, Japan

Your material struck a responsive chord in my body. I was thinking, "I do that," "That feels like me," "This is what I'm working on." To HEAR you say these things so articulately enabled me to clarify my issues and agendas. The experience was very positive—I feel Life in myself now in a new way, and I intend to continue working with my dream group.

Deborah May, San Francisco, CA

Penney has a great personality, her communication skills are excellent, her presentation flows well, and she is very organized. She offered deep thought on a hot topic (Our Ultra-Sensitive Body) and made many practical suggestions. The meditations and experiential exercises she offered were particularly valuable.

Workshop Attendee, The Learning Exchange, Sacramento, CA

This workshop, Your Amazing Dreamlife, was excellent in every way and had a nice balance of didactic and experiential components. I especially liked Penney's personable, soothing, easy-flowing style. She is a great listener and is very insightful. And, her voice is wonderful to listen to!

Workshop Attendee, The Learning Exchange, Sacramento, CA

On Penney's Lectures

Penney captivates her audience with sheer enthusiasm for the challenges she presents, so the group is recharged and awake by the end of her lectures.

Jacqueline Snitkin, Manager, East-West Bookstore, Seattle, WA

Feedback on Keynote and Breakout, Coach U Conference 1999:

Dear Penney,
I attended Coaching '99 and I'm writing to thank you for presenting at the conference. I learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on Thursday morning. I've since had an opportunity to review my notes and am reminded of how much learning really did occur. I look forward to putting some of your suggestions and insights to use and further exploring the use of my intuition.

Michelle, San Francisco, CA

Dear Penney,
The other night at a meeting, I ran into a woman who had attended the Coach U conference last week. She was the first person I had spoken with who had been there and she said the most impressive part of it for her was your keynote address. She felt it set the tone for the entire conference. I'm sure you had wonderful feedback when you were there and I thought you would like to know that praise for your work is still circulating.

—Max, Mill Valley, CA

Thanks for the great work you are doing around intuition. Both your keynote and breakout session were valuable and reaffirming. I haven't read your book yet and look forward to exploring it. Thanks for giving so much of yourself at the conference. Wishing you the best of success.

—Byron, Austin, TX


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